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Tigers Fantasy


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I tried another design but that didnt work too well.

So I went with this one.


Here is an in game shot. I may do numbers for this one. Or the black one.


I left the sleeves gray just to see. I kinda like it but I'll make a second choice with blue sleeves later on.

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I tried the uniform with orange sleeves and I like the look. The long sleeves will be black. I'll do a full conversion with black and orange. I have to move the paw over to the right side of the jersey so it doesnt conflict with the numbers.

Does anyone have any suggestions about this? Should I go all black sleeves? Or continue with the orange?

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As a long time Tigers fan, I like the idea of traditional blue...not huge on black. The uni's are also getting a little "new" for my tastes but I guess all the other teams are going to it, why wouldn't the Tigers?

Either way, they're creative and look well done. Keep up the good work! Tigers mods have been few and far between :D


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