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Judging, et al.

Sean O

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Hey everyone-

Just a quick note to let you know that i'll begin judging and comments over the next few days. Obviously I wish we could have had more results, but maybe this will grow for future competitions, should they exist.

Everyone did a wonderful job, and thanks for entering!


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As I PMed Sean, I had a PSPimage file go belly up on me and lost my second entry, a castle-themed new stadium for the Charlotte Knights. He asked me to put up an earlier image as a placeholder, but I looked at the previous image and realized that without all of the other editing, it just looked like one of the doughnut stadiums that everyone hates.

I haven't had time since then, due to job/school/wedding stuff, so I guess my first entry is it. All is not in vain though: I had a fun time making these faux-stadiums, and doing it made me realize a lot of the work (or sometimes lack thereof) that goes into designing the real things. Best of luck to everyone, and thanks to SeanO for coming up with such a swell contest.


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