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Cincinnati Reds & Louisville Bats Portraits V2


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Yeah I was thinking about it, should I do them in Bats or Reds uniforms?

AA will be whatever I can find.

it doesn't really matter. i would go ahead and use the reds portraits for the guys that are likely to play in the bigs pretty soon.

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None of my portraits are to used in any compilation set, We have a user who puts down

and belittles those who make portraits mods, while at the same time asking for

permission to use them is his "total set"


Dude, honestly, what is your problem?

I can sort of understand you being upset & distressed over some offhand comments I made in a thread, I apologised and explained myself, if you don't want to get over it and move on that's your perogative.

But what I don't understand is you taking a moral high ground in your readme over "a user who puts down and belittles..." I have to assume you mean me, because for a second there I thought it was you.

what you are doing is almost worthless

His programs are for the lazy and the dumb

I never got the memo stating that MVP 2004 was no longer just a computer game, but of the same importance as politics or religion, cos that's the only way I can comprehend you holding a grudge over something so trivial.

Anyway, I'm not really excited about having a bitchfest with you, I'd rather put it to rest and do something constructive, if you don't want that, you're welcome to vent more vitirol, I won't be bothering to respond though.

In closing, myself along with other users have appreciated your mods and contributions to this forum, having someone old enough to be a fan of m.u.l.e. in normally teen dominated forums is always a good thing.

Hopefully we can at least be civil to each other in the future

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if I said lazy and dumb I'm sorry

I meant lazy OR dumb


the Lazy and dumb quote came from comments I made about a different person.

A) I was shit faced when I wrote that message.

B) I have nothing but respect for him, without him alot of people around here could not even install MODS for MVP.

Here is the complete quote

His programs are for the lazy and the dumb, Most people do not even know what a dos prompt is anymore. His programs have saved most here alot of time, either by using it or by not having to explain to others how to install something. Without his program 95% of all threads would be "HOW DO I...."

now I'm sure you have used it before because you have at least one of the two qualifications required to use the program

Lazy or Dumb

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There is nothing wrong with being lazy, I use MVP STUDIO because I'm lazy.

and If not for Fuzz's hard work I would have to spend to much time installing mods and less time playing the game

My problem has alway been your attitude toward the portrait moders

what you said is clear and you can not take it back, The portraits I released have an install batch file so it should not be hard for others to install them.

There is no need for them to be part of a compilation package, they use the correct ID's from total minors V3 PLUS so no one will have to change anything

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