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Decided on American League - which team though


What American League Team should I go for?  

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  1. 1.

    • 1. Detroit
    • 2. Cleveland
    • 3. Seattle
    • 4. Baltimore

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Hi Guys, due to the afore mentioned PC problem, I decided on redoing everything. Just upgraded from old school DM to DM 360, and I chose to play in the American League. What team though is the question. I have had previous Dynasties in the AL with Baltimore, Tampa Bay and Chicago White Sox as well as Boston (not a full season with them however). What would you guys find interesting now?

PS: Orioles are in there, b/c I just love that ballpark and the Big O's work so much!!!

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Thank You all for voting, it did help me make a decision, no doubt. :) As much as I love their stadium and realize how talented their young pitching staff is, I decided against the O's, mainly because I had a full season with them already. New Hard Drives, new Dynastymanager, new team....

JACOBS FIELD will be my new home!!! GO INDIANS!!!

Starting my dynasty tomorrow, I am really excited and thx again for your votes 8)

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