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New York Yankees Dynasty: Youth Included?


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Difficulty:   All-Star

Sliders:	  Pitcher/Batter/Runner Injury: +3 / Pitch Meter Difficulty: +5

Rosters:	   Ultimate Rosters V6.2

Progression:	Bill's Progression Fix v3, darkenigma510's Free Agency Mod

Other:		  Strike Zone ON / Hot Colds ON / Pitch Cursor ON / Fielding MVP / Fair Trades ON

Mods (As of Now): Jogar's Johnny Damons 2006 Face

Next: My 25-Man Roster for the beginning season

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Side Notes: The A's decide to start pitcher Rich Harden for the opener. "This will be a good match up" said the vet. picture lefty Randy Johnson before the pitching change. He was excited to play aganist the Cy Young winner. This will be a close match-up.

[align=center]GAME 1[/align]


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