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    Wow 10 YEARS! Amazing how much time has passed. I still remember going into Target and picking up my copy of MVP 05 after discovering this amazing website. Now fast forward 10 years later and this game still hasn't missed a beat. Here's to 10 more years!
  1. excellent dynasty very long lasting, perfect.
  2. that Frank Thomas stuff is funny material right there lol
  3. I dont think Reggie and Berra passed away

    Site Issues

    I totally agree. hopefully there will be a quick reply option on the bottom of the page. But as always, good job guys.
  5. I expect someone like Roy Halladay, Vernon Wells or Alex Rios to act like that around the ladies but Frank Thomas? LOL
  6. LOL Frank Thomas is trippin' he's like 40, isn't time for him to slow it down a notch lol
  7. Red Sox fans, cause they are so classy lol
  8. can anyone make a NBA 2K9 wallpaper?
  9. lol wow even Tony Pena is the actual 1st base coach. didn't know that.
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