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  1. MVP difficulty is hell! Played against the Mets and the CPU was swinging at every first pitched and scored 16 runs in one inning. I might never try that difficulty ever again.
  2. Can anyone tell me where the Schedule Updater for MVP 15 is? I'm using the Schedule Updater from MVP 08 and unfortunately it only changes the year to 2008. I don't see any schedule updater app in my MVP 15 root folder.
  3. One last question: How does one change the Franchise/Owners mode year to 2015?
  4. ​If you make any changes to the files, make sure you restart your computer, and then boot the game.
  5. ​LOL Thanks KC I smacked my head because I could've sworn I read something like that somewhere on here. Just did the Patch update, restarted my PC, booted MVP 15, went into a game and it works! I know I've been away from MVPMods for years but damn it feels good to be back! Big thanks to all the contributors who have been giving us these great updates for years. You guys are the best! Also, Can someone direct me to a clean shaven Brian McCann face?
  6. Update: Well I got it to work... Some how. All I did was restart my computer, boot up MVP 15, and it works. Before I noticed that the progress bar when it starts up wouldn't do the little downloading bar animation and it would just go to the EA Sports video (if this makes any sense). When I restarted my computer it loaded up nicely. I have to note that I did reinstall the mod, however, without installing any patches beforehand. So what I'm testing right now is installing Patch 5, re-install the mod, and restarting my computer to see if it works. I did do the test of starting, exiting the game, and starting it again to see if it would still work - and it worked! Edit: Going to also install the latest MVP 15 patch as well! Will let you know how it goes.
  7. ​Sounds awesome! Really hope you guys can solve this issue
  8. Also, this crash problem isn't team specific. I've at least tried to go into a game with 8 different teams and it always crashes. I've tried to go into the Edit player menu at least 5 times with different players on different teams and it always crashes. I can roam around the menus just fine. But when it's game related it crashes. Edit: Sometimes it'll crash before the loading screen menu even boots.
  9. I can install literally any Total Conversion mod and the game won't crash. I install MVP 15 and it crashes Not just going into a game but trying to go to the create/edit a player screen.
  10. ​Just did all of this and my game still crashes
  11. ​Thanks for the thread However, my problem isn't trying to play multiple versions of the game here.
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