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New York Yankees 2006: Pride, Power, Pinstripes


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The 2006 New York Yankees are coming into this season with a revamped bullpen, and thanks to new aquisitions like Mike Myers, Kyle Farnsworth, and the headline of them all, Johnny Damon, they are threatening to reclaim the World Series title they have fallen short of retrieving since 2000. But, the bad memories are fading, and the good ones are set to come. Pride, Power, Pinstripes is the theme, and this year, the Yankees look for their 27th World Series trophy...

Here are some of my options and sliders, datafile and whatnot, I will update them throughout the season as I always make an adjustment or two:


MVP Difficulty

No Strike Zone

No Hot/Cold Zones

Variable Strike Zone On

Blown Umpire Calls On

Variable "Stuff" On


Tywiggins' Schedule Updater

Trues' YES '06 Overlay

Trues' MLB Ball


Totte's Ultimate Rosters 6.5

SwinginSoriano's Yankee attribute updates

Hory's Total Portraits 2006 (The ones that are available as of now)

KC's Unis

Numerous cyberfaces


MaddiesDaddy's Datafile 3.1 (I think)


User Pitch Meter Difficulty +50

User Control +50 (As you can see, I have a hard time adjusting to the new meter)

User Pitcher Fatigue -20

CPU Control +10

CPU Swing Frequency +10

User Contact -5

User Power -5

CPU Outfielder Speed -5 (I hardly hit gappers, too unrealistic)

User Arm Strength +20

CPU Arm Strength +20

User Baserunning Speed +20

CPU Baserunning Speed +20

User Steal Speed +20

CPU Steal Speed +20

User Steal Delay -5

Here is the Scouting Report, Lineups, and Pitching Rotation for the New York Yankees:


The Yankees easily have the most potent offense in the major leagues, perhaps one of the best ever if it lives up to expectations. Almost every starter on the team is capable of hitting in the first four spots in any major league lineup. They are looking to dominate opposing pitching, and hopefully will overcome what some see to be a lack of pitching.

Offense Grade: A+


Derek Jeter won a gold glove last year, with Alex Rodriguez at runner up at third in only his second year at the position. Robinson Cano made quite a few errors in his rookie season, but hey, it's a rookie season. The infield has great defense on the left and mediocre on the left when they put Giambi at first, and upgrades when Andy Phillips occasionally spells Giambi to DH. The outfield has no strong arms with the exception of Gary Sheffield, and Johnny Damon's speed helps cover ground in the spacious center field at Yankee Stadium.

Defense Grade: B-


The Yankees are hoping Randy Johnson does even better this year, possibly reaching 20 wins. Mike Mussina has a new changeup that has been very effective in spring training, along with his free agent year being a possible motivation to excel. The backbone features Shawn Chacon, who had a breakout year after struggling at Coors Field (who doesn't lol), Chien-Ming Wang who had an impressive rookie campaign last year, and Jaret Wright, who hopefully has seen the last of his arm troubles. Carl Pavano and Aaron Small will both start the season on the DL, with arm trouble and hamstrings to blame.

Rotation Grade: C+


The Yankees have revamped the bullpen in the offseason, signing Kyle Farnsworth to set up Mariano Rivera, Mike Myers as an exclusive lefty specialist, lefty Ron Villone who can also tackle lefties as well as righties, and Octavio Dotel. With Dotel, the Yankees are looking for a high risk-high reward, as he is recovering from arm surgery and will not be with the team until mid June. Hopefully, this new formula could save a few more games than last year and give the starters some true "relief" when they give the ball to Joe Torre.

Bullpen Grade: B+


The Yankees have added speed with Johnny Damon, and Jeter has equal if not better speed, and Alex Rodriguez is capable of stealing more than 20 bases, but his job is driving runs in, not setting them up. There really isn't much more speed in the starting lineup, not that it is a necessity with these sluggers.

Speed Grade: C


The Yankee bench features aquisitions of backup catcher Kelly Stinnett, and utilityman Miguel Cairo for a second tour of duty with the Bronx Bombers. And speedy outfielder Bubba Crsoby will finally be a mainstay on the 25-man roster as a fourth man while Andy Phillips will get to play understudy to slugger Jason Giambi. And don't forget Bernie Williams, who will get occasional starts in the outfield, but most likely as DH or pinch hitter in clutch situations.

Bench Grade: B

Lefty Lineup:


Righty Lineup:


Pitching Rotation:


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I had one, called "New York, New York, The Yankees look for No. 27". I accidentally saved over that one with a dynasty I sim like half a season at a time with, so I created the dynasty "New York Yankees: Living Up To The Hype." Then I accidentally saved over that one when I was using a different dynasty to check out Tywiggins' schedule updater. Then I created the Fantasy Draft Owner Mode Dynasty, and this one.

This one will probably be my best work, since Tommyjay117 was nice enough to send me a template of his work and I added some "Yankee" touches to it. I will use the same old format for the Owner Mode thread because this one will need more work per game. I am also playing one game per series on this one.

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Right now I am in the midst of a duel between Jaret Wright and Jered Weaver, making his MLB debut. Expect a recap between tomorrow night (got school and practice tomorrow afternoon) and tuesday afternoon.

EDIT: work, finals, and baseball have pushed this way back. i am done with it now.

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YankeesForever, I'll get back to you on the Oakland recaps.

And for everyone, I now work 5 days a week, and my Legion team plays about 4-5 games a week, including doubleheaders. So the game recaps are going to come around slower, possibly slower than they already were lol. But this is too much fun to give up on, so please be patient.

And if anyone has suggestions on how to make the template more realistic or any constructive criticism, feel free to put it here. 2 people said it wasn't that good so some clarification would be great, I want to make this enjoyable for everyone, including myself.

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Dunit, if you wan't, I can whip you up something I did for my dynasty a while ago. It will be more like the second game recap (I didnt like the first one). Then click on the picture and you will be able to see the recap. If you want, I'll make you a Yankee's one.

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Dunit, if you wan't, I can whip you up something I did for my dynasty a while ago. It will be more like the second game recap (I didnt like the first one). Then click on the picture and you will be able to see the recap. If you want, I'll make you a Yankee's one.

Check Here!

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it sounds like a great idea, but no thanks. i would much rather stick with what i have right now because my summer is packed and i dont have much time. but i respect and appreciate the offer.

and punchout - i play junior legion, but i play in connecticut. post 78.

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Okay guys, I once again have to cancel my dynasty. And this is the last time. I cannot use this any longer. I have baseball four or five times a week, work five days a week, and I have a social life too lol. And I want to use my free time on the computer to get into face modding, it seems like a better contribution to the sites than a dynasty. No offense to guys like JoeRudi and punchout (and all the others, my hands are too tired to type the names out), their dynasties are great.

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