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The Story of a Pitching Prospect


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Hey guys, This is the start of my dynasty, well, it is sort of a dynasty, although it focuses on one player, rather than one team. This will hopefully go through the players career (if it continues that long) and will follow his games on the different teams he plays for. So, lets get to it.

The Houston Astros sign SP Tom Curragh to a 2 year deal at AAA Round Rock. He will make some starts in the rotation but will also serve as a long reliever in the bullpen.

Here are some facts about this future star:

- Born 22nd May, 1988.

- Bats R/ Throws R

- Throws a 4 seam fastball, a palmball, a curveball and a slider

First Game report will be up soon!

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I thought about creating myself and then adding myself to the Jays A-ball team as a non-drafted free agent and work my way up. If I do end up doing it I'll do it in the off-season. It may take a couple seasons to work my way up. Although I'm 23 so I'll be a polished college pitcher with good command but not powerful stuff. I throw a lot of off-speed pitches with decent movement.. I'll start off with bad command and let it progress.

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May 21st 2007

A day before his 18th birthday, Tom Curragh took to the mound to take on the Tacoma Rainers.

After retiring the first batter on a fly to CF, Tom proceeded to give up a single to the second batter he faced. But this was of no worry as a double play was induced to retire the side.

In the bottom of the 1st, Round Rock scored a run to make the game 1-0.

During the second inning, Tacoma scored a run to tie it up at 1-1.

The game remained tied until the 5th when Round Rock scored 2 more runs, to ultimately decide the game at 3-1.

Tom Curragh was removed from the game in the 7th inning, after giving up 1ER, walking 2 and striking out 2. (1.29ERA).


1-0 / 1.29ERA

[NB, i will include pictures in the next game and a more in depth analysis]

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:lol: yes i did. It would be my dream to play in the bigs so i thouhg, hey, il create myself. I might have overated myself a tad too much though since you dont really get 18 year olds playing in AAA, unless they are like the next A-Rod or like felix hernandez.

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when the new UR's come out and i figure how to get them to work, im gonna create myself in the game as a 16 year old free agent with all stats at 0, and when i get to 17 or 18 i will sign myself an A deal with the tampa yankees and give myself some good stats.

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He is 4 star potential. Im gonna put it down to 3 stars.

May 26th

Round Rock Express Vs. Colorado Sky Sox

Tom Curragh (1-0 1.29ERA) Vs. Z.Parker (4-3 3.88ERA)


Curragh gave up a hit to the second batter he faced in the first inning, but then the defence turned a smooth double play to get out of the inning.

Going into the 2nd inning, Tom gave up 3 singles in a row without retiring a batter. However, the next batter up hit in a double play, but a run still scored. Curragh struck the next batter out to get out of what could have been a tough inning.

During the 4th inning, Tom made a possible Web-Gem play, robbing a hit.


On the batting side of the game, no luck was going to Round Rock's way. They picked up 2 hits in the 1st inning, but didnt get any hits again until the 6 inning, when they eventually got on the board.

In the 4th inning, Curragh gave up a single to the leadoff batter, then gave up a HR to Left Centre to make it a 3-0 ballgame.

Round Rock appeared to be making a comeback in the 6th and 7th inning, scoring a run in each inning, but it was to no success, as the Sky Sox pitching shut down the batters in the 8th and 9th inning.

However, he settled down after this, pitching 8.0 innings (the complete game), giving up 3ER, walking none and striking out 5, Tom Curragh recorded the loss.




7 KO's

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Whats your carrer potential. Ya, I remember someone doing this with a player "Lucky Martin". He started as a SS in texas A ball then worked his way up in around 3 seasons.

Yeah. I remember. It was a dynasty. Anyway, what ever happened to Luckym?

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May 31st

New Orleans Zephyrs Vs. Round Rock Express

K.Bouknight (4-3) Vs. Tom Curragh (1-1)

Tom Curragh took to the mound to try and earn his second career victory today, attempting to beat the Zephyrs. The first inning looked like a warning of a poor performance, giving up 2 runs off a 2 run double in the first started the game off.

Tom Curragh striking out a batter in the first inning:


However, Tom would settle down after this.

The Express' offence took some time to get in gear. They didnt record a hit until the third inning, and only got on the board in the 5th when they tied the game up at 2-2.

Tom Curragh's palmball made some Zephyrs hitters look stupid:


However, the next inning, Curragh loaded up the bases, but escaped the jam in what could have done some serious damage. He gave up 2 more runs in the inning.

Round Rock scored a run in the bottom of the sixth to make it 4-3, but when Tom Curragh was replaced by Reineke in the top of the 7th, another run was given up; making it 5-3.

Round Rock scored another run in the bottom of the ninth to make it 5-4, but couldnt overcome the run difference.

Tom Curragh took his second straight loss after going 6.0 innings, giving up 4ER and striking out 3.




21 IP


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Offence slams way to victory!

Memphis Redbirds Vs. Round Rock Express

B.Hawksworth (2-5) Vs. T.Curragh (1-2)

Tom Curragh gave up 3 htis in the first inning but later calmed down to go sixth solid innings, striking out 3 and allowing 0 earned runs.

But this wasnt the only story of the day. The Express' offence exploaded in the 2nd inning, scoring 5 runs, they later went onto score 5 runs in the 6th inning to cap a 15-0 routing of the Redbirds.

A total of 5HR were hit by the Express, and Curragh even managed to go 2-3 after getting a infield single and a single into centre field during the 4th inning.

This was just the game the Express needed to boost their morales.




27 IP


(sorry guys, i forgot to take pictures today :()

Now showing on ESPN, Baseball Tonight with your hosts Karl Ravech and John Kruk

KR: Good evening folks, this special edition of baseball tonight is going to look at some of the players that could be dazzling the future of this game.

So who you got to show us about Kruk?

JK: Well first of all i want to bring your attention to this no body that has taken everyone by surprise. Tom Curragh, currently playing in AAA for the RR Express, he has a 2-2 record so far and just a 2.67 era in four games. That pretty impressive.

And we can see how he has helped his team out in the standings here:

Zephyrs: 36-23 ... 0.0GB

Express: 31-28 ... 5.0GB

Isotopes: 29-30 ... 7.0GB

RedHawks: 28-31 ... 8.0GB

KR: So the Express could potentially still win the division easily if he can continue to pitch like he has so far. Now onto a story, which, is slightly odd involving the AL east

JK: Yeah, this is odd alright, The D-Rays, Yankees, Red sox and Blue jays are all under .500, only the Orioles are a .500 winning team (going 29-29). Another thing to note about this is that the D-Rays have placed BJ.Upton on the trading block, which i cant see why, i doubt they will trade him though, especially after the Rays got to the world series last year but lost to the Braves.

KR: Well thats about all we have time for today folks, be sure to check in on us next time when we look at all the news involving the world of major league baseball. Sportscenter is next....

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Round Rock Express Vs. Omaha Royals

T.Curragh (2-2) Vs. J.Dittler

The offence gave Tom Curragh his third win of the season today, as a 2 run second inning, a 5 run 5th inning and scoring 2 runs in the ninth led the Express to victory.

Tom Curragh pitched 7 scoreless innings, giving up 7 hits, walking none and striking out none.

Although the game appeared an easy run for the Express, Curragh found himself in a number of troubling situations. In the 2nd he got runners on 1st and 2nd with 1 out, he could have given up at least two runs if Ozuna hadnt have recovered from his play that could have nearly been an error.

None the less, the game could be regarded as a success as he continued to lower his ERA.

Ozuna saves what could have been a costly error (2nd inning, 2 on, 1 out):

p><p> Tom Curragh watches to see if McMi


Sanchez cant reach a grounder in the 5th:







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yeah your right. unfortunately i didnt realise it would make the ring go away if i clicked on the player when i took the first picture, but for next time il make sure :)

just helping out. when i do my dynasty i try to make it as simple and pleasurable as possible.

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After his first 5 starts, Tom Curragh held an interview with a reporter from Sports Illustrated to talk about his life and how much he loves baseball.

Reporter: Hi Tom, thanks for taking the time today to talk to us

TC: Oh id be glad to

Reporter: So first question, Your currently in the Astros farm system at the AAA level. The Astros have quite a compact rotation at the moment and have numerous young starting pitchers who could be in the rotation in a few years. This could mean your competing for a starting job with a number of other guys, what do you think about this?

TC: Well, I would love to pitch in their rotation, but it is crowded, it'd be a tough fight

Reporter: So if you were to play for another team, who do you think you would play for?

TC: Well id love to play for one of the teams in the AL east, it would be amazing with those rivalries they have up there between boston and new york.

Reporter: So moving away from baseball, got any special girl in your life atm ?

TC: haha no, not atm, but the lead singer of the pussycat dolls is fine! haha

Reporter: So like to play games outside of the baseball world:

TC: Yeah! i love mvp baseball, such a great game. I play on all star mode with my own sliders, i get so addicted to it!!

Reporter: So, looking forward to reaching the majors soon, think you could be called up this year?

TC: haha, id like that, i might be too young though

Reporter: Well, we will have to ask the readers when they think it is suitable age for someone to be called up, hernandez was called up last year by the Mariners when he was just 19, so it could be possible. Thanks for the time tom, and good luck with the season

TC: It was a pleasure.

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Yeah, I remember that guy did this awhile ago, except using a positional

player. Lucky. True I wonder where he went? Maybe got tired of all

the time to keep it updated? I know I probably would.

I saw him on here a couple days ago when i was on late. I think he just dosen't post but follows the site.

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