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Where do I find player IDs for rosters I create?


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I just found out that the player ID's in the 1998 Yankees team package I uploaded are currently in use by the 1990 Cincinnati Reds team package. Player ID's do not show up in MVPEdit, and I was unaware of the problem until it was pointed out to me (you can only see the ID's if you open up the .met file with a text editor).

How do I go about getting player IDs for the players on my team roster? If the roster contains players still active in baseball today, would I use their current ID's (e.g. Derek Jeter is on the '98 Yankees roster and the 2004 Yankees roster), or would I have a new ID for the entire team (i.e. a unique ID for each player on the '98 Yankees roster)?

Any help would be appreciated.

- Jim

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ok jim here's the thing.

You're met is created in MVPEDIT. You export it and there you have your met file.

you open up studio 2.0 (or later version) click on PAGE 2. You will see something called TEAM PACKAGE PLAYER ID CHECK 1.0

you open it up. on the right, you have this white box where you can add met files. You add all the met file of team packages that have been released as of date.

then you have a button that says, MET FILE TO COMPARE. You select your 1998 YANKEES PACKAGE met file.



Then you click on CHECK FOR DUPES.

If the player ids are unique, it will tell you that they are unique. If a player id is being used already, it will tell you it is being used. If that is the case, you exit out of studio and open up mvpedit. You import your MET FILE to a different TEAM SLOT because different TEAM SLOTS give you different player ids.

Then you EXPORT YOUR MET FILE again, and go back to the studio, PLAYER ID CHECKER 1.0.

This time around, you don't have to add all those met files again.

ALL YOU DO is select your 1998 yankees met file that you just exported from a different team slot, click on COMPARE USING GENERATED PLAYER ID FILE, DO NOT CLICK ON CREATE PLAYER ID FILE since you've already created it.

You simply click on CHECK FOR DUPES. That's it. it will tell you if this set of player ids are unique or not.

im currently working on a fix for CREATE-A-TEAM, that will allow you to install players with the same player IDS and won't screw everything up. However, you'll always have to have unique id's for packages.

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Above, you said,

You add all the met file of team packages that have been released as of date.

So what you're saying here is that I have to download the .met file for EVERY team package currently on in the mvpmods download section and then check to make sure that I'm not using player IDs already in use? :shock:

If enough packages get created, won't all of the player ID's eventually get used up (ii.e. no more team slots to import the .met file to without getting duplicates)?

I knew that creating this roster seemed to be going too smoothly..... :banghead:

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listen, lol dont worry about it. All you have to do is mention in your read me that it overwrites the 1990 reds. Hopefully when i add a fix for this kind of situation in Create-a-team, you won't have anything to worry about.

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I've already uploaded a v1.1 version of the package that contains an updated readme file. Actually, I ended up uploading multiple versions of v1.1, since I misunderstood the original problem (thinking that the portrait IDs, rather than the player IDs, were being overwritten) and I had to rewrite the comment in the readme again.

I've already sent two PM's to BackDraft about this. I'll be lucky if he doesn't ban me from uploading in the future.... :D

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I'm currently working on another team package ('78 Dodgers). I want to do things right this time, so I've downloaded every package, extracted all the .met files, loaded them into the Team Package Player ID Checker and checked for duplicate IDs.

When I clicked on the "Check for Dupes" button, a series of popup windows appeared telling me that some of the ID's were already in use. "OK", I thought, "I'll just do what Fuzz said to do", and I went back to MVPEdit, imported the '78 Dodgers to a different team, exported the .met file and then ran the Player ID Checker again.

Once again, I got error messages telling me that ID's were in use and that I needed to change them. I've now done this process 10 times and every time, I get messages telling me that ID's are being used (sometimes I get a lot of dupes, sometimes only a few). :banghead:

Am I just having bad luck in that each of the teams I've imported to (and exported from) just happened to be used by another team creator when they created their rosters or am I doing something wrong?

Have others run into this problem, and if so, how many times have you had to run the "Check for Dupes, Import to a different team, Export" cycle before you finally got a clean run through the ID Checker?

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hey jim, if your making team packs bro, any chance you'd be interested in making it for an AA slot which means 22 players? This is just a suggesstion since all my AAA is filled up with old time teams. Maybe you'd liek to start working on the AA.

it's up to you. Im going to release my TOTAL CLASSICS roster today, so maybe you should take a look at it. IT's real fun too.lol. me and a few guys from this board play games online with a pre-release.

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