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Emil's MLB2004 v.1.2 RELEASED!!!!


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It has been realead!!

I just uploaded it, so i'm just waiting for Backdraft to release it!

v. 1.2

SEA AAA Pat Borders and Hiram Bocachica --> SEA MLB

SEA Q.McCracken --> ARI

SEA K,Jarvis --> PIT

F.A Paul Abbot --> PHI

F.A Ricardo Rodriguez --> Tex

TEX K. Huckaby --> Bal

Houston Astros batting order: J. Bagwell in the 2nd stop.

Player editing/ratings:

I have updated all the minor league rosters (batting orders/Pitching rotations) and change some more ratings.

Updated many changeups, 'Cause many of them had 0 movement (including J. Schmidt)

Chc Kerry Wood's slider more movement and control

TEX Mark Teixeira little more power vs LHP


Jimenez = Walker

Larkin = Generic

Casey = Klesko

Griffey = Griffey

Kearns = Piazza

Dunn = Ordonez

Larson = Helton

Larue = Generic

Freel = Upright

Cruz = High

Pena = Burnitz

Hummel = Generic

Castro = Vina

Valentin = generic


Bennett - Generic

Durrington - Open

Ginter - H. Matsui

Grieve - Open

Hall - Burnitz

Helms - Generic

Jenkins - M. Ramirez

Moeller - Bent

Overbay - S. Green

Podsednik - C. Jones

Sheets - M. Ramirez

Spivey - Generic


Furcal - Lofton

Drew- Lofton

Estrada - Ordonez

Marrero - Klesko

R. Ortiz - Lofton

LaRoche - C. Jones

DeRosa - Jeter

Garcia - Lofton


Kevin Cash - Generic

Frank Catalanotto - Todd Helton

Howie Clark - Crouched

Chris Gomez - Shawn Green

Eric Hinske - Larry Walker

Orlando Hudson - Crouched

Reed Johnson - Frank Thomas

Frank Menechino - Generic

Josh Phelps - Piazza

Alexis Rios - Generic

Vernon Wells - Crouched

Chris Woodward - Generic

Gregg Zaun - Kenny Lofton

Dave Berg - Crouched

Bobby Estalella - Jeromy Burnitz

Greg Myers - Upright

Simon Pond - Troy Glaus


Lawton- Giles

Vizquel- Upright

Gerut- Helton

Blake- Upright

Hafner - Larry Walker

V. Martinez- Klesko

Broussard- Upright

Belliard- B. Boone

Crisp- Delgado

Merloni- Delgado

McDonald- Crouched

Escobar- Piazza

J. Damon - S. Green

jose guillen - Garciaparra

miguel cabrera - Vlad

carlos guillen - E. Martinez

fick- b williams

Orlando Cabrera - renteria



Thank you for downloading Emil's MLB2004 roster.

It's based off of Big Mike's last roster, for what i'm very thankfull for

I have edit some players, change some info, all the newest trades, the minors are 100% accurate!

This, after my thougth is the ultimate roster

If there's a problem or suggestions mail me



Just place the .sav file C:DocumentsMy DocumentsMVP Baseball 2004



"the Happy Norwegian

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