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For those that need help with .RAR files


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The following posts were taken from a thread on the other board.

If you have a problem with .rar achives, or any type of archive, odds are the answer is here. 8)


Since the mods have been coming in now at a steady pace, a lot of people here have been wondering why they have been in a format that they've either never seen before or just are not familiar with. The .RAR format compresses files just as Winzip does. It's just a different format.

So, if you want the WinRAR program, you can get it here: http://www.rarlabs.com. The web page can tell you what .rar does and you can get the latest version there.

And, why not, while I am at it, right here is the homepage for the better known Winzip program: http://www.winzip.com

I hope this helps anyone who needs any of these programs.

Hey Y4Life, gonna add this here...Powerarchiver does most Major compression formats (Including .zip and .rar files)...Link Below


Izarc is another great Zip program and its FREE!!! It does so many diff file compressions i havent heard of half of them LOL.

http://www.izsoft.dir.bg/download.htm is the site

If you have xp and use the integrated zip program for most things and just need to decompress the rar files that you download this program works well:


It's as simple as right clicking the file and choosing "extract now". Easy, clean, free, simple.

While I wish it compressed as well, it does what I want it to do.


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winrar also seems to compress the items more than the integrated .zip system that windows xp does. for example, if i wanted to upload something to this site, it must be about 19.1mb or less. well, i zipped my files with XP and found that my files were about 26mb. too high. so i wondered if .rar would do anything different and it did-the .rar file ended up being 15 or 16 mb. nice. :attention:

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The following posts were taken from a thread on the other board.

Hey guys,

I"m a newbie to this site and was wondering if someone could help with

my question. I downloaded some classic rosters for mvp 2004 to my

desktop via winzip, unzipped them to my desktop as well, how do I

load them to the game? Windows 7.


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You need to extract (or copy) the files to the proper folder in your game installation. There should be a readme file with the mod. If not, extract (or copy) the files to the MVP2004 folder that contains your rosters.

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