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1996 New York Yankees Team Package uploaded


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I have uploaded a 1996 New York Yankees team package. The package includes both a 25-man roster and a 22-man roster, so you can install the roster in any slot (MLB, AAA or AA). Thanks go to Yankees763 for creating the logos.


- Jim

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Bob Wickman wasn't on the playoff roster as I recall think he was traded for former ROY Pat Listach who didn't play but got the ring hehe.

Grame Llloyd I beleive was a key contributor during the playoff I didn't see his name in the portrait. I think I have a few picture of him on my old computer let me know if U need his pic.

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Wickman pitched 58 games for the Yanks in 1996 before being traded (along with Gerald Williams) to Milwaukee in late August for Pat Listach and Graeme Lloyd. Lloyd pitched only 13 games for New York in 1996.

When I put packages together, I tend to use the players that had the most playing time for the team that particular year (based upon info I get at http://www.retrosheet.org). Once you get past the starting players, the starting pitchers and the well known relievers, it can get a little subjective on the remaining bench players and relief pitchers that you put in a roster. I tend to base my rosters on time played for non-pitchers and game appearances for pitchers.

So while Lloyd was with the Yankees at the end of the 1996 season, Wickman spent more time with them during the year, so that is why I included him on the roster. I did include Lloyd (along with his portrait) in my 1998 Yankees team package (available on the downloads page).

Also, according to retrosheet.org, Listach was returned to Milwaukee on Oct. 2nd, so he wasn't on the team to get the ring.

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Jim825 I see your point of making roster for the season base on games played. But these player played such an important role I just can't enjoy playing this team without them.

Lloyd played such a major role in the playoff that We may not have beaten the Braves without him. Those WS Game3 ,4 and 6 he got major key out to help set up Rivera and John.W .

Also, the roster had Ramiro Mendoza over David Weathers. Being a Yankees fan, Ramiro Mendoza was not really use as a set up man for the Forumla that season. It was next season as I recall that we use him as spot starter/bullpen long relief. And to add to this he wasn't even in the WS roster. Weather in the Division series Got huge out against GONZO who was murdering the Yankees and he was the guy that stopped the bleeding with him.

This is important : If U put Cecil Fielder than U got to put Charlie Hayes. Come on who don't remember he make the last out of that 96 WS that started this dynasty. When the Yankees was down 0-2 Torre make the switch to Hayes and he did well in setting up the come back in the great Jim Leyritz blast. Ruben Sierra got to go, that season Torre only problem was him. Of course now Sierra a keeper but back than he was a cancer to the clubhouse.

Wickman & Gerald Williams U can make it case he should be there base on amout of game played. But these guy didn't win Championship during our current great run. Gerald Williams later came back and he still didn't win WS with us. Mike Aldrete or Luis Sojo didn't played much but they were key contributor. I recall Mike hit that big HR against Roger Clemens to help us win a game. Sojo U ask any fan we just love that little guy and he hit well in the playoff. There a reason why we want that year and it was 25 man roster team season. So for once I hope U reconsider redoing this 96 team.

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How about if I update the package and add a '96 World Series roster .met file? The original files will stay in the package in case some people want to use them. I'll try to get to this soon, but no guarantees (I've got a busy week coming up).

I was torn about not including some of the WS roster players you mentioned in the package (I wanted them as well), but I was afraid I'd get comments like, "How can you put player 'X' on the roster when he was really only on the team for the last month of the season?".

I suppose you can't make everyone happy..... :(

Just so there are no surprises, here's the official '96 WS roster, courtesy of retrosheet.org:

POS Player

C Joe Girardi

1B Tino Martinez

2B Mariano Duncan

3B Charlie Hayes

SS Derek Jeter

LF Tim Raines

CF Bernie Williams

RF Paul O'Neill

DH Cecil Fielder

OF D. Strawberry

3B Wade Boggs

C Jim Leyritz

2B Luis Sojo

OF Mike Aldrete

IF Andy Fox

P Andy Pettitte

P David Cone

P Kenny Rogers

P Jimmy Key

P Mariano Rivera

P Graeme Lloyd

P Brian Boehringer

P Jeff Nelson

P John Wetteland

P Dave Weathers

Now I believe that the game and MVPEdit want a 5-man rotation, so that means adding a pitcher (Dwight Gooden) who wasn't on the roster, and removing a bench player who was on the roster. Andy Fox and Mike Aldrete appeared in only a few games and it was only in minor roles (pinch runner or pinch hitter late in games. Since you mentioned Aldrete in your previous message, I will keep him but take Andy Fox out.

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I agree Doc Gooden should be on the regular season roster. His no hitter was inspiration early in the year before David Cone Arm surgery comeback. Not to forget Strawmen power surge, Hayes/Fielder last place to Championship story. Boggs finally overcome his 86 nightmare. Etc.. SO mucy story I can't fill it all. OH not to forget FAN HERO Jeffrey Maier wonder if someone can MOD the crowd and put him in RF ;)

For the playoff version U can make Brian Boehringer as 5th starter cause I remember he did start a game for us that year.

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I've already uploaded v2.0, which has Gooden in the lineup. At this point, I'd prefer not to make another update, if I don't have to. You're welcome to just use Boehringer as a 5th starter if you like, since he is on the WS roster.

Plus, not having Andy Fox in the roster doesn't seem like that big of a deal, since he had very little impact on the outcome of the World Series (1 or 2 total at-bats and one stint as a pinch runner).

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I am having trouble installing this.

I picked the AAA Columbus clipper and CHECKED apply roster to the following team. Started mvp2004 I don't see them in the game since the Fuzz all time team already had logo of respective team and is a cls league so I can' t find AAA team. It could be possible the roster on one of those good team but any idea why the logo didn't appear or overwrite the team that I want to replace?

UPDATE: It seem that it overwrite the 98 Yankees team unfortunately althouth the logo 96 appear the text of team select remain 98 so what to do to correct this

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Is this the first time you tried installing the '96 Yankees package? In other words, were you able to successfully install the 25-man roster in the v1.0 package and now you're having problems installing the 25-man World Series roster in the v2.0 package? Or are you saying that this is the first time you've tried installing any '96 Yankees roster and you're having problems?

Having re-read your message, are you saying that everything installed OK (the roster, the logos, the portraits), however, the only thing wrong is the text on the selection screen (it says 1998 Yankees instead of 1996 Yankees)?

How did you install the package? Did you use MVPStudio? If that's the case then it sounds like you did not use the Team Franchise Name Changer (which is part of MVPStudio) to change the name of the team. You can either run the Franchise Name Changer from the MVPStudio menu or run the Name Changer by itself. If you don't know how to do this, download FuzzOne's MVPStudio tutorial here

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