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The Madden Curse Lives and will always live forever


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Before 2000, Madden covers only had John Madden on them. In 2000, he shared the cover with Barry Sanders. After that, it was athletes-only on the cover.

"Madden 1999" - Garrison Hearst (on box, not cover) - Injured; while playing against the Falcons, twisted his ankle on very first play of scrimmage

"Madden 2000" Barry Sanders - Abruptly retired during training camp in 1999

"Madden 2000" (rare, alternate cover) - Dorsey Levens - Cut by the Packers in 2001 and finished his career as a journeyman player

"Madden 2001" - Eddie George - Key fumble vs. Ravens in playoffs; team lost in Divisional Playoff after losing Super Bowl XXXIV

"Madden 2002" - Daunte Culpepper - Injured; missed 5 games in 2001; team missed playoffs after losing NFC Championship in 2000

"Madden 2003" - Marshall Faulk - Injured; least productive season as a Ram up to that point; team missed playoffs after losing Super Bowl XXXVI

"Madden 2004" - Michael Vick - Injured; missed 11 games after breaking leg in 2003 preseason; team missed playoffs after losing Divisional Playoff in 2002

"Madden 2005" - Ray Lewis - Broke wrist and missed Pro Bowl; Critically seen as an off year; team missed playoffs after losing Wild Card Playoff in 2003

"Madden 2006" - Donovan McNabb - Injured; missed 7 games in 2005; team missed playoffs after losing Super Bowl XXXIX

"Madden 2007" - Shaun Alexander - Injured; Broken foot; out for a few weeks (so far)

Note: Barry Sanders was featured in the background along with John Madden in most versions of Madden 2000; Dorsey Levens was featured, by himself, in a less common version of Madden 2000.


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