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GIMP Problem


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Ok Miss Avis.. or um Mr. Avis.

wow, quick one there.

Ok, here's a picture, you probably understand these better than the English language:


I'm the one on the left...as Pedro... would say "I'm Your Daddy"

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Will you to stop actin like a couple of b******

Tiger try what Bama said.

Unistall it, then reinstall it.

PS: And isnt a letter :wink:

...I don't have anything against Tigers...if I did, I wouldn't have helped him with anything in the first place.

I just don't like how now that he's got 420+ posts, he thinks he's forum elite or whatever and instead of helping people like he was helped, he's a smartass to them...and then of course he wants someone to help him out, though he's not willing to try anything suggested.

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Sometimes it seems like newer members who have relatively high post counts feel like they are "elite" to quote your term. Then there are people like me who don't regard themselves as important or "elite" but have been here for a while and don't post useless posts.

BTW....I'm not bashing anyone or anything...

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