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Epic Rosters Logo Request


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Since baseball season is almost wrapped up, I have a request for a logo for my roster. Here is my idea for it:

In pretty much a MVP Baseball logo, I'd imagine the cover athlete (I'd choose Johan Santana) delivering a pitch with a white background and the logo below him. The logo would state: "Epic Rosters III: 2007 Rosters for MVP Baseball 2005"

Seems like a simple design, I guess I imagine it being a cover to a MVP Baseball videogame. The picture doesn't have to be small (It isn't a sig) since I would upload it as a download picture when the 2007 roster comes out.

Now, if any of you feel like making it, you can deviate from the idea as much as you feel like. :) It's your efforts after all. Possibly if people would find it fun, there can be voting on who is the cover athlete for my roster. If no one cares (which I expcet), Johan Santana would do just fine. (He deserves some exposure even if it's for a roster! :p)

Anyway, it is just a request. Thanks in advance!

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