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Fantasy Football Trade


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It's pretty fair.

Pennington and Coles have a great chemistry though. Leinart and Boldin haven't really played alot together yet. Plus, Arizona has Fitzgerald when he gets healthy again and Bryant Johnson. New York doesn't really have a second "threat" at WR.

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I would keep Coles... he is the main reciever, and seems like the only one... on Arizona there are 3 stars at WR

I don't know, I think Jerricho Cotchery is beginning to become the primary deep threat, and even big-play receiver. By big-play receiver I don't just mean deep balls though, as Pennington's arm is not strong enough to do it consistently. What I mean is the quick slant or crossing route broken for a TD. So I say make the trade why Coles has his highest value, and get a quality receiver of Boldin's caliber. Especially if this is a keeper league. Yes, Fitzgerald takes away some catches/touchdowns, but Boldin still performs. Johnson is having a career year, but I don't think he is going to hold up in the long run. So make the deal, don't even think twice or thrice!!!!



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