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classic & Modern portraits?


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I'm trying to create 'Alltime" great teams with MVPEDIT on the original MVP2005 game. I'm importing and exporting from the classics rosters and using the heros and legends from the original game.

Is there anywhere available a Portrait file that contains ALL the players-the modern era plus the Classics?

Is it possible to make one if one doesn't exist?

And why is it that when I import a Player from a classics roster....say Dimaggio...and insert him into a lineup (ex. replacing a modern Yankee) the game crashes?

What else do I need to do to make it work?

Thanks for any help offered!

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it could be almost anything. at what point does it crash? how many players do you have in the rosters (check with MVPedit)? do you have the appropriate models.big, portraits.big for your roster? are all the faces set to 04 for the appropriate faces?

there really isn't a file that contains all portraits as they pertain to each particular project. i'm sure there are those who have their own personalized game, but like me it's probably personalized and is not set to any specific roster except their own. and yes you can make your own. it's alot of work, but you can do it.

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I guess what I'm asking is:

I'm using the original MVP2005-with the original models.big and portraits.big.

If I import a player from, say Total Classics 6, that isn't in the original game-using MVPedit to import him into the original roster-do I have to change the Portrait and model.big to reflect the change?

And if I do, how would I do that?

I've not been changing the models or portrait.big-I guess that's why the game is crashing?

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it's like i said before, it could be anything. you still haven't answered any of my previous questions.

but yes, if you are importing players from another roster that aren't in the original rosters, you will need to import the portraits and cyberfaces (if they aren't already there).

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it could be almost anything. at what point does it crash? how many players do you have in the rosters (check with MVPedit)? do you have the appropriate models.big, portraits.big for your roster? are all the faces set to 04 for the appropriate faces?

It crashes at the screen just as the players take the field.

I always check for errors in MVPEDIT before I export the file to the game-i have the original portrait and models big that ccame with mvp2005-I dont know how to "add" the new players to them-I don't understand what setting all the faces to 04 means???

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It's not the portrait causing your problem. If a portrait assigned to a player is not in the portrait.big, you will simply get the "blank" silhouette portrait.

Having the "04 Face" flag set incorrectly will not cause the game to crash. All that will do is cause the face to look distorted, if you are playing the game on a low end video card. On mid to high end cards, this seems to have no effect. This "04 Face" flag just indicates what style the cyberface is. If you open up the Total Classics roster in MVPEdit and start looking at the player cyberfaces, you will notice that some faces show just a side portrait and others are full face views. The side portrait style is the type used in MVP2004 (and the "04 Face" flag is set to true for this type of face) and the full face view is the style used in MVP2005 (and the "04 Face" flag is set to false).

Your problem is most likely that the cyberface associated with the classic player is not in your models.big (and since you are using the original models.big and not the one that is included with Total Classics, I would bet that this is your problem).

Open up MVPEdit, click "Tools" on the menubar and then check the box next to "Show Player Faces" and then click the OK button.

Next, click on your Classic player and click on the "Appearance" tab. You should see his cyberface underneath the Skin tone box. If you see text that says "File Not Found", you will know that the face assigned to the player (the value in the "Face" box) is not included in the models.big file. This will DEFINITELY cause the game to crash when it loads up (exactly where you are seeing the crash).

You mention that you tried adding Joe Dimaggio to your modern Yankees roster. I know for a fact that we added a new cyberface for Joe Dimaggio in Total Classics, so again, this is probably your problem.

To get around this, you can either export the cyberface from the Total Classics models.big using EAGraph, or you can simply assign one of the default faces (901 - 915) to the player. 901 is the lightest skin tone (Caucasian) and 915 is the darkest skin tone (African American).

As far as your original question about having a portraits.big file that includes all of the original portraits and the Classic portraits, you could probably do this. When I started adding portraits to Total Classics, the version of MVPEdit that I was using (2005.4) had a problem if your portrait file contained more than 2998 portraits. I believe that this limitation may have been fixed with the latest version of MVPEdit (2006.2). You could also use Kraw's Installer Thingy, which I believe does not have this problem.

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Thank you for the very helpful post. In desperation, I scrapped my version of MVP2005- did a reinstall and then installed Total Classics 6.

I intended to make a "Alltime Yankee" and "Alltime Red Sox" lineup-using only players in the TC roster. I used MVPEDIT and swatched players around from the different year teams-till I got 2 lineups I felt best represented the All Time teams-which I put in the CLS-1 spots-1975 Red Sox, and 1977 Yankees.

I checked with the error tool and made sure all lineups were correct and there were no errors. Then I exported to the game.

I played the 1st game of the season-which happend to be Sox Vs. Yanks.

All went well.

I simmed up to the playoffs- the Red Sox vs. the 90 Oakland A's.

Everytime I try and play game 1- somewhere around the 5th inning-I get a "MVP2005 has encountered an error and needs to close." message.

I have added nothing new to the Total classics game- (I used patch 2 on the MVP install-I read somewhere on the forum Patch 5 causes CTD's).

As I've not imported any players-I guess this can't be related to the portrait or big files.....do you have any educated guesses what may be causing the crash?



I did a search and found another topic where they said to make sure the models.big file was marked read-only. I looked and it wasn't.

So I made it read-only but the game still crashed.

So I got a new models.big from the TC6 installer-made it read only-put it in the game manually- and it still crashes. This time in the 6th inning.

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