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Help finding images of the major trophies


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Hi there. I was wondering if anybody else knew where I could find decent (don't have to be great) images of the major baseball trophies...

more specifically:

Rookie of the Year Award

Silver Slugger Award

Hank Aaron Award (Best Hitter)

Player of the Year Award


MVP Award

Gold Glove Award

World Series Ring and/or Trophy

that kind of thing...

anybody have any ideas?

I tried just regular searches on the web (google, yahoo, etc)... and turned up a whole lotta junk.

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I took photos of some of these last year at the Fanfest, I'd have to dig around to find them.

Yeah I am having serious trouble finding anything worth a darn. You'd think there'd be SOMETHING out there. sheesh.

The internet is gettin' to be like cable TV - 80 bazillion channels, but nothing's on. :)

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