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  1. philthepat wants to shoot several million phillies fans?

  2. Yes, that's what I did but the problem I have isn't button mapping anymore. It is the lack of rumble support and the fact that the drag bunt option no longer works.
  3. Deleting XBCD made the game also work for Tiger Woods 2008 for the PC. I wish there was a way to make the vibration function work.
  4. The thing is, my controller used to work with full functioning everything. I was able to drag bunt and had vibration. Then I installed MLB 2k9, realized all my buttons were mapped terribly wrong and since then it doesn't work right.
  5. I think I finally fixed my controller. I deleted the XBCD drivers and let XP install the controller as normal. It detected it as an XBOX 360 controller. Two problems, though. 1) no drag bunt when clicking down on right analog stick 2) the vibration function is now gone Anyone know a quick way to fix this?
  6. Is there a way to get this back to the default settings for the 360 controller? Because of MVP, I can't seem to get the controller to work with Tiger Woods golf.
  7. Me and you leather, let's do these in Vin Scully audio.
  8. I mean, I've made tweaks to the rosters in the past on small things like speed for Ryan Ludwick but I didn't come in here and DEMAND that kg show his work as to how he calculated Ryan Ludwick's speed!!!1!
  9. They already have. And, as we can all clearly see, they think you are wrong.
  10. I don't need to discuss anything with KG. I'm fine with his explanations. I know how much work and in-depth research he puts into his rosters as a part-time hobby. You are the one that can't seem to figure anything out for yourself.
  11. Alright, listen up you dolt, this will be the last time I say it. BATTING AVERAGE DOES NOT EQUAL CONTACT RATING. Contact rating is more in line with how often a player makes contact (gee, is that what 'contact' means!?!) All batting average means is how often a player records a hit safely in at-bats. In 271 of Fukudome's 343 at-bats, he has made contact and put the ball in play. That comes out to 79%. If you want to be simplistic about it, that is a contact rating of 79. I don't know when kg set the contact ratings for players and I don't really care. However, 86 isn't out of the realm of possibilities.
  12. False. This is where your problem lies. You think splits only refer to the very basic statistical numbers. If you go to a site as simple as baseball-reference.com and click on '2008 Season Splits', you will find all kinds of more advanced metrics that better evaluate a player. Another example: Albert Pujols hit .331 in 2006. He struck out 50 times in 535 at-bats (9%). His BABIP was .292 while his linedrive rate was 18.0%. Albert Pujols hit .327 in 2007. He struck out 58 times in 565 at-bats (10 %). His BABIP was .317 and his Linedrive rate was 18.6%. Looking at those two years, you'll see that in 2006, while Pujols batting average was only 4 points higher, he was a MUCH better hitter in 2006 contact wise. His linedrive rate stayed the same. One year, he hit 49 homeruns, the next year 32. The difference was his Batted Balls In Play average. In a season he hit nearly 50 homeruns, he was extremely "unlucky" as a hitter. If you looked at the two years, you'd think Pujols wasn't much different contact wise between the two years, when in fact, 2006 he was a better contact hitter...just contact right at people.
  13. Contact isn't solely about batting average. Sheesh. Any time a player makes an out without striking out, that's contact.
  14. Are you purposefully this dense? Contact = bat hits ball in play. Ichiro is one of the best contact hitters in baseball. In 2007, he hit .351 with 77 strikeouts in 678 ABs (11%) and a BABIP of .389. In 2008, he is hitting .310. So, is Ichiro worse at making contact this year? No. He has 52 strikeouts in 645 ABs (9%) but a BABIP of .331. Ichiro is still a VERY HIGH contact hitter who is hitting into worse 'luck' then last year. If you don't have an in-depth knowledge of baseball statistics, please don't critique someone else's choices. I mean, sweet moses, did you really just say 'What does "puts the ball in play" have to do with batting average?'. No one ever got a base hit for missing the ball with his bat.
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