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Total Classics 1967 Released!


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Hey guys, you can find TC 1967 up in the TC forums download section at http://forums.total-classics.com

as of right now, im uploading the 300 meg file to mvpmods so hopefully it'll be done sometime tonight or early tomorrow.

Stecropper, Sandman, and Yanks763 worked real hard to bring this to you and it's def. a great add and the work they've done so far really brings TC up a notch.

Besides an awesome single season schedule and highly accurate roster, they bring their own in-game into video(yes video!), background images, a kickass overlay, and the whole works!

Great Job!

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Readme.txt for TC67 .................................

Total Classics 1967

They called it "The Great Race", and through the final week the battle raged with the American League pennant at stake. Four teams fought, unable to shake off any of the others.

1) The Boston Red Sox were the darlings of fans everywhere; rising up from 9th place in '66, they were 100-to-one shots seeking "The Impossible Dream".

2) The Chicago White Sox had no batters as high as .250, but hung in the race on pitching, defense, and spirit.

3) The Detroit Tigers were a strong team favored by the press to win it all.

4) The Minnesota Twins came to life after manager Sam Mele was replaced in June by Cal Ermer and entered the Final Weekend up by 1 game over Boston & Detroit.

All four teams remained in the running into the final week, and the torrid chase set typewriters ablaze across America.

Yes, it was a Special Year in Baseball as well as a Very Special Year for Carl Yastrzemski - Winner of the coveted Triple Crown.................


We hope this recreation of the 1967 Major League Baseball Season brings enjoyment to both the seasoned veterans as well as the much younger Total Classics enthusiast that would like to trip back to see, hear & feel what it was all like in those wonderful days of the late '60s.

This project is a mere continuation of Total Classics. Much credit needs to be extended to the "Entire" Total Classics Team for creating such an interest in Oldtime Classic Baseball. We hope this project is just a continuation of many more Full Seasons Mods to come.

Much "Thanks" & "Appreciation" to the so many MVPModders that have contributed so much to the overall Total Classics experience and continue to do so today. This includes those Cyberface modders; Stadium modders; Uniform modders; Roster modders; Audio modders; Bats & Balls & ALL !!!

To Everyone "Thanks So Much for the Joy you have brought to so Many of Us!".

TC67 Specific Credits:

Sandman: Overlays, CTS, Theme Screens, Loading Screens, Uniforms, 1967 Jukebox Music, InGame Music

Yanks763: Portraits, Logos

Hory: Complete 1967 Schedule, Correct Organization Alignment and Team Name announcing.

Stecropper: Rosters

AlexTony & Jim825: Consulting & Support

FuzZ: "Leader of da Pak" a.k.a. Creator of the "Click to Classics" phenomena ............

Our Special "Thanks" are extended to The Entire Total Classics Team & the hundreds of other contributors as so many of their creations go into making these Full Seasons Mods seem to "Come to Life".

How to use the Total Classics TC67 Installer:

1) Download Total Classics TC67

2) Unzip Total_Classics_67

3) Execute the Extractor TC-1967

a) Point to the "Destination" Directory you wish to install TC67 into

B) Hit the "Extract" button

This will create a Directory named "Lib" within the Main Directory of the Destination folder pointed to above which will contain all files needed to successfully install the complete TC67 Season Mod later in the install process.

c) Wait until completed

4) Go to the Main Directory pointed to by "Destination" in the Extractor above

5) Find the TC67 Application and click it to Execute

a) Execute Backup Files

This will create a Directory named "Backup" within the Main Directory which will contain all files needed to Restore to your original game files

Wait until completed

B) Execute Install TC67 Files

This will copy from the "Lib" Directory all files needed to complete the TC67 install into their appropriate active directories within the game

Wait until completed

c) Execute Restore Files IF you want to Backout the TC67 Season Mod

This will copy from the "Backup" Directory all the original files needed to return the game to what it was prior to installing the TC67 Season Mod

Wait until completed

To play both games without having to Restore & Reinstall each time you should build completely separate MVP Baseball 2005 Directory for each version of the game you wish to play.

*** TIDBITS ***

A ) This mod was built for the complete replay of the 1967 Major League Baseball Season. Thus, the use of Dynasty Mode for a single season is recommended. Although other Major League teams are represented in this mod and should be essentially correct they have not been fully tested but likely are OK to use in Exhibition Play.

B ) Although some Minor League Teams are fairly well represented these also have not been tested and it is "HIGHLY" recommended that you turn off trades & injuries to maintain the opening day 25 man rosters intact throughout the season.

C ) Most Teams should use their *61 versions of uniforms with a few noted exceptions in the uniform select screens. A couple noted exceptions are the Chicago White standard Home uniform should be used as it has been adjusted to their 1967 version; the Cardinals '64 version of their uniforms should be used; the Orioles '69 versions should be used & the Braves standard Home & Away versions should be used as they to have been slightly adjusted for 1967.

D ) Most uniforms are as they were in 1967 with the exception of the Chicago White Sox Road uniform & the Braves uniforms that have the Tomahawk on them which was not present in 1967. We highly encourage anyone to enhance/add to any of these 1967 uniform sets. That would certainly be greatly appreciated by the entire Total Classics team as well as the many other users of these Classic Mods.


From the Entire Total Classics Team

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I can make videos that do not crash, I have audio/video sync issues. I think that is why in the 67 video it is a song and it ends before the video is over

Does that mean the sound starts before the video? Or does it play faster than the video, or is the length is shorter than the video's length?

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