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  1. I really hope you do another season when 09 The Show rolls around:
  2. This Jays Franchise is a blast. Hopefully next year, MLB 09 will have a feature where you can save videos from the replay vault, and post them on the internet. What fielding view are you using? I didn't even know you could change your fielding view.
  3. Lucas, I really like that one you did with Johan and Pedro. Do you think you could do something similar with Chicago, a Cubs logo, and some Cubs players?
  4. If you only know what Farnsworth has done, maybe you'd understand. I'd almost go as far as to say that he's just as stupid as Soriano. Go find the video of that brawl Farnsworth was involved in with the Tigers. The fight was over and his teammates still had to restrain him because he wanted to go after people. The year before, he was traded from the Cubs after another fight. No, I'm not talking about his fight with Paul Wilson. I'm talking about his fight with a large metal fan in the Cubs' clubhouse. The fan won and the Farns went on the DL with a leg injury.
  5. -Soriano might be a moron, and the Cubs might have spent way too much money on him, but his injury actually occured after the jump, not during. I've alway thought that jump was strange being an outfielder myself, but it might just be a weird style of his that helps him time up catching the ball. Since he is a converted infielder, he probably never really learned any sound outfield fundamentals. I really don't think it's showboating. I know you hate him for whatever reason, but c'mon. Maybe if he would have had his 40/40 season with the Yanks instead of the Nats, you wouldn't hate him so much.
  6. [sarcasm]man Geo, isn't it a shame when someone puts in time and effort to help others learn to mod. I mean, what kind of idiot would spend time posting pictures and tutorials to help people?[/sarcasm]
  7. I agree, the orange undershirt does look good and I wouldn't touch that. I just think the black undershirt looks funky with the Cards home uni.
  8. hey spungo, I was looking at some pressbox photos today and noticed that Albert Pujols is the only Cardinal that wears a black undershirt. Everyone else wears red shirts. could you change that possibly?
  9. could someone possibly make me a Cubs-related wallpaper? I don't care who's on it. I'd prefer 1280x1024 and png format (I don't like the way jpgs lose quality).
  10. I know, that particular jersey does have the names on the back in-game, but uniform modders have blacked out the alphas for the fonts because before the Cubs dumped their alternates this year, they took the names off the back of them in 2006.
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