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Website needs some sweet lovin'


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I'm looking for someone to help us revamp my teams' website. The current design is really old and ancient and we need your help.

Main color should be somewhat marine blue and second one red. The site should be easy for us to maintain (add news etc.) without having to crack a lot of code). We don't really have any thoughts on how the new one should look so besides that you can use you're imagination :)

http://www.gbgbaseboll.com/ (Our current site in Swedish)

http://www.gbgbaseboll.com/eng_default.asp (Our current site in English, not as updated with news though)

Send me an e-mail to totte@mvpmods.com and I'll hook you up with the logo and some other images.

A huge amount of kudos to the one that helps us out and maybe even a small reward based on the result :wink:

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