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The Champions of Champions - A Yankees Dynasty


How Is This Dynasty So Far?  

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Yes Another Dynasty another cheesy Dynasty name!

Sup guys, it's Thanksgiving night and I have a long winter full of events. So I guess I should start a dynasty. The other one I had going recently was deleted because I re-installed the MVP06 mod... I don't know I was trying to play MVP05 with everything default and a old verison of UR running... I was getting bored of it so I decided to get everything back and running.

I will play every game there is in the dynasty so that means no simming just the enjoyment of playing MVP Baseball with a Radieon Laptop Graphics Card at 640x800. Hope you guys enjoy this one and I hope it doesn't die out very quickly.

Here's The Team:

Pitching Rotation:


Batting Order:


Also a quick note is that I'm a fan of Farm System and youth so be on the look-out.

Stay Tuned!

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Game 1: Devil Rays (0-0) @ Yankees (0-0)

Kazmir shuts off Yankees In Home Opener, Blowout


[align=center]Left: Carl Crawford watches his HR; Center: Outfielder Johnny Damon couldn't catch Crawford's jack; Right: Ace Scott Kazmir pitched 7 innings with 5 strikeouts.[/align]

The waters were steaming as the New York Yankees faced the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. It would be a easy victory for the Yankees but it didn't come close at the end. Randy Johnson took the mound at Yankee Stadium. Tampa had winning in thier head as the Rays went on a scoring streak in the top of the 5th to put the Yankees down.

"He gave us a good game, made our mistake... and this is our final product" said the Yankee captain Derek Jeter who was 0 for 4 with 1 walk. The only run the Yankees got was from CF Johnny Damon who blasted a deep HR into the right field seats. "I did all I can to put us on top but Tampa had the best of us" commented Damon. Randy Johnson reportedly left the stadium to the Hotel and no reporters couldn't catch up with the vet. who had Bulging Disc surgury last year.

Yankees sold out the Home Opener hoping to get the best of Tampa but the Yankees will need to look further on pitching to try to compete. "We'll see tommorrow, Mussina has got us covered" said the Yankee manager Joe Torre.

Boxscore: TB 6 - NYY 1

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Game 2: Devil Rays (1-0) @ Yankees (0-1)

Damon and Others Slice Open Rays; Mussina Grabs 1st W


[align=center]Left: Bernie scores on Rodriguez RBI hunting; Center: BJ Upton hits a double his 1st of 2; Right: Damon leaps to 1st SB.[/align]

It was a night of Stolen Bases and RBIs as the Yankees take the W in the 2nd game of the series. It would be a pitchers game as Mike Mussina would take the mound for the Yankees as Casey Fossum did for the Rays. At first the Yankees were in deep trouble at the top of 2nd inning as the Rays scored 2. But the Yankees put a stop to Tampa as they scored 8 to put them down.

"It was a fantastic night but I could have done better" commented Mike Mussina who only gave up 3 runs in 6 innings. "Everyone is in a good mood today, it would only make it worst if Tampa would sweep us in our own house... but that's gonna happend" said Torre as he was leaving the clubhouse. We tried to catch up with vet. Randy Johnson but we were in questions as he wasn't in the clubhouse.

Another sell out for the Yankees. Alex Rodriguez was named the YES Network MVP of the game as he scored 4 runs to get the win.

Boxscore: TB 3 - NYY 8

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Game 3: Devil Rays (1-1) @ Yankees (1-1)

Wang-Tasic as Yankees Push To 2nd Win In Extra Innings


[align=center]Left: Abreu knocks his first homer in the 4th inning; Center: Fireworks as the Yankees win in the 11th; Right: Wang pitched 5 innings with 4 BB.[/align]

It was a extra inning affair as the Chien Ming Wang (0-0) took the mound for the Yankees aganist Jamie Shields (0-0). It would only end in an World Series type ending with Hideki Matsui knocking the RBI to keep the Yanks at the top. "It was a good feeling to do that, wish the Rays the best of luck the rest of 2007 season because they will indeed need it" said a English Translator of Hideki Matsui after the game.

Torre also commented with reporters about the absent of Randy Johnson. "He had back problems and we sented him to Dr. Morgan he will make his next start, I will promise you that."

Boxscore: TB 2 - NYY 3 - 11 Innings

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Game 4: Orioles (1-2) @ Yankees (2-1)

Pavano Close To The Edge; Big Bats Protect Game


Left: Pavano was close to losing it all giving up 3 ER; Right: Sheffield makes a gold glove catch grabbing what would be a BJ Upton Homer.

Carl Pavano made a comeback and finally pitched for the Yankees... literally! Pavano took the mound for the Yankees as the youngster Daniel Cabrera did for the O's. "Everyone is in disbelief of Pavano but this might bring him back on the team" said Mariano Rivera who got his first save of the season. "It's a great thing, Cashman and the rest of the Yankees have waited long winters for this man to pitch... it's about time" said Joe Torre.

Pitching matchup's for tommorrow's game Jaret Wright (0-0) aganist Hayden Penn (0-0).

Boxscore: BAL 4 - NYY 7

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Report: Yankee Contracts Cut Short!


New York - Many reports are circulating that General Manager Brian Cashman is cutting Yankee contracts short due to the new rebuilding of the Yankees next season, the new contracts are as followed:

Alex Rodriguez contract is still 25.6 Million but now cut to 2 years.

Bobby Abreu contract cut to 1 year/20 Million

Mike Myers contract cut to 1 year/1.20 Million

Gary Sheffield contract cut to 1 year/19 Million with a club option for 2008

Mike Mussina contract cut to 1 year/13.3 Million club option for 2008

Randy Johnson contract cut to 1 year/21.2 Million

Carl Pavano contract cut to 1 year/20 Million

Jaret Wright contract cut to 1 year/7 Million

Kyle Farnsworth contract cut to 1 year/9 Million club option for 2008

Jason Giambi contract cut to 1 year/20 Million

Hideki Matsui contract cut to 2 years/18 million

Johnny Damon contract cut to 1 year/19 million club option for 2008

Could the Yankees be renamed the Baby Bombers of the AL East or will the Yankees might reconsider the offers? More reports at ESPN.com!

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Game 5: Orioles (1-3) @ Yankees (3-1)

Baby Bombers Take Field; Win 4th


Left: Abreu got speed but gets caught by Tejada; Right: Cano hits a RBI single to stem the rally.

Was it on purpose? With Gary Sheffield and Johnny Damon sitting tonight, Joe Torre took matters in his hands and put Bubba Crosby and Andy Phillips [2 Players who are considered in Yankee plans in '08] both took the field and both went a combined 0 for 4 with 2 strikeouts.

"I'm proud that I have a chance to take CF next year, it's a great feeling and it gets me pumped" said OF Bubba Crosby. "I just did that to get Damon and Sheffield ready for tommorrow's final game in this series, that's all." Said Torre.

Tommorrow is the final game vs. O's in the series. Tommorrow's pitching matchup: Randy Johnson (0-1) vs. Eric Bedard (0-0)

Boxscore: BAL 1 - NYY 3

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