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Troy Smith wins by 2nd largest margin ever


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Well the Heisman went the way everyone thought it would. Although Quinn came in third which surprised me.

For those who don't know anything about Troy here's a story about his childhood and how he's gotten to this day.


It surprised me - but just because I'm not voting. I had him third behind McFadden (and, of course, Smith). I'm not sold on Quinn - especially not the talk of him being the #1 pick this summer.

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The only thing the Heisman stands for is the MVP of the NCAA. Take a look at how past Heisman winners have turned out in the NFL. Shame with all the failures. Hopefully Smith will be one of those failures (Sorry, I'm a Penn State fan)

2005: Reggie Bush (Having a decent year)

2004: Matt Leinart (Granted he plays for the Cardinals, but he's won 1 or 2 games?)

2003: Jason White (Wasn't even drafted)

2002: Carson Palmer (Great success with the Bengals)

2001: Eric Crouch (Played 1 game for the Rams at WR?)

2000: Chris Weinke (Where is he?)

1999: Ron Dayne (Thunder wasn't quite Thunderish was he?)

1998: Ricky Williams (WAS a superstar but smoked too much pot and fried all his brain cells, lol)

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I dont think Troy will go in the first round but if the Browns can get him late in the 2nd or early 3rd then they should get him. At this point, it doesnt really matter who they get. Hopefully, Ginn will stay and then the Browns can get him the next draft.

Palmer might have Superbowl Trophy if it wasnt for that low hit.

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