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Breakdown - The rosters are updated to 12/9/06, spent a couple unnecessary hours last night updating the rosters to date (still a lot of holes cause there's a lot of teams without proper starters and what-not). And I saved it, optimized rosters instead of dealing with batting lineups and whatever, then started a new dynasty. Now, there are no REAL offseason negotiations, but let's just pretend there is. Also, I simmed through the first day to *hopefully* get rid of much of the FA bulk, didn't really work.

Offseason Signings

01/01 - The Offseason negotiations continued today and the Cardinals are still looking for a fifth starter. So far the Cardinals have signed Starting Pitcher Kip Wells and Second Basemen Adam Kennedy. Both have already been promised starting rolls for the team as we need a starting pitcher, and I hate Aaron Miles.

*Note: This was part of the official Cardinals signings, I didn't want to go against what they already went out and did. The rest, however, are all me/cpu.

01/02 - In a shocking turn of events, the St. Louis Cardinals offered Barry Zito a contract, and it's been made official; Number 75 will be wearing white and red this year, and no, not with the BoSox. Reason why? I dunno, but Zito's turn of events to sign a $6.8/per year for 2 years still leaves experts, analysts, and other general managers scratching their heads, including this one. With only about $6-7 million left in budget, will the Cardinals opt. to go after Eric Gagne to secure a closer for next year or maybe even this year if Izzy's performance proves to be lackluster? I dunno, $6 million isn't a lot, especially compared to Gagne.

Projected Lineup

SS - David Eckstein

2B - Adam Kennedy

1B - Albert Pujols

3B - Scott Rolen

CF - Jim Edmonds

RF - Juan Encarnacion

LF - Chris Duncan

CA - Yadier Molina

Projected Rotation

01 - Chris Carpenter

02 - Barry Zito

03 - Anthony Reyes

04 - Adam Wainwright

05 - Kip Wells

C - Jason Isringhausen

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