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Editing audio files of older video games


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First of all, let me first say a quick hi, as this is only my second post.

I am Greek, but somehow, I ve ended up being a big, big Red Sox fan and baseball has been a big part of my life for quite a while.

My question however relates to an old type of audio file found in old EA Sports titles. I am trying to extract some audio commentary from some old Fifa games like FIFA 2003 and FIFA 2004, but I can't find an editor to do so.

Game Extractor can open the archives, but it views the files within the .str file as chunked csf files which I don't know what it means and I dunno how I can play them.

I did some perusing of the forums here and a member has been able to extract some audio from an older baseball game as well (MVP 2003, I think), which presumably comes with the same audio format.

Does anyone have a clue about what I am talking about ? I would appreciate any help.


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One more question though. Now that I unpacked them, there are approximately 13,000 files.

Is there some sort of list with the names of the players?

I am asking because their code numbers don't seem to respond to their database code numbers.

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