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  1. I do use more of iDevices and less of the computer, but that's just me anyway.
  2. RBI 15 is on App Store for 5 dollars. And there seems a way to win a prize on MLB site, I am not sure what it is. Does that mean we can win the app for free? I am gonna wait for a while until I figure it out. Also is that possible this app would be the next free app of the day? Has anyone bought that app yet?
  3. Digital download is available, anyone has it?
  4. Is it out? March 31st today. I heard the PC version will be out later.
  5. Are there only major league teams? no minors?
  6. I heard that there will be PC version of R.B.I. Baseball 2015, I haven't had a PC baseball game for a while. Did anyone play this game before? How about this game?
  7. 1,972 downloads

    Tony3's default roster with fake player correction Total 1819 players corrected 2 files roster.iff -> to \MLB 2K9\ Tony3.ROS -> type "%appdata%" first, and to \2K Sports\MLB 2K9\Saves\ Check out these threads for more information: 1. Tony3's roster with fake name correction ONLY 2. 1700+ Fake Name Players 3. The Possible Data Structure Of Roster.iff These are the fake names that have been corrected: Version 3.0: DOB, Batting side, Throwing arm, Height, Weight and Pro years corrected Version 2.0: 784 players corrected Version 1.0: 1012 players corrected see Readme.txt file
  8. models.big, Jan 28 http://www.eamods.com/index.php?name=Downl...e=details&id=58
  9. As for game crashes for Dodgers, Pierre's cyberface might be a reason if using a certain models.big file. Try setting Pierre's cyberface ID to 901~912 and see if it crashes again.
  10. Sorry, kraw & KG I guess you just can't work at New Year. hope I got them right this time.
  11. and here's the Standard attrib.dat without Heros & Legends for your use. lhattrib.dat rhattrib.dat & roster.dat are not needed. Edited: look for next 4 post for file.
  12. Oh, because the FA players is over 255. you can't import with MVPedit, yet the dat can be played in game.
  13. Oh, sorry, I didn't know that much. Anyway, see if this fits.
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