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Explain to me the appeal of "THE DEVIL'S POUNDCAKE"


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Can someone explain this to me? I mean what is it? What compels people to not only make this Satanic concoction, but to also PUT IT IN THEIR MOUTHS AND ACTUALLY CONSUME THIS MONSTROSITY!!!

How can they do this to their bodies?!? More importantly, how can they do this to their freinds and relatives and people that they preport to "love"?

I mean just look at the thing! Green Cherries! Red Pineapple, and I don't even want to hazard a guess on what the yellow stuff is!! Plus the thing is as hard as a brick (not to mention the shape of one) and just as heavy because it has all of these dried up fruits and nuts in there. I mean come on, only the Devil himself as he was deep in the bowels of the Seventh Circle of Hell could have created this concoction.

But that's not all! There are actually people out there who actually like the thing!!!! Are these people sick?!? Do they have some kind of mental disfunction?!? Don't they know the kind of chance they are taking by actually ingesting such a devilish hunk of cake? Or does the "Society for the Protection and Preservation of Fruitcake" not care what kind of chance they are taking with their immortal souls?

So what is it people?!? I am seeing these things all over the place now...again! What is it that makes people actually like...


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I do love the "FruitCake" at Christmas! That and snuggling up with my wife on the couch as I wear the pink bunny outfit like on Christmas Story the movie.

Dude, if you like fruitcake...I guess that can be forgiven and dismissed as "well, he's Canadian".

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