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  1. This works incredibly well. I haven't been around here for a while, but it's a tremendous update. Any idea how to get the newer stadiums in the game? Should I just download those that are in the stadium section?
  2. ...Having to decide between what you love and what you have is a very hard decision
  3. ...Going to the Phillies game today. Leaving early to see some batting practice and to just hang around the park. Sometimes seeing a game by yourself isn't so bad. ...Adam Eaton is going to go 6 IP give up 8 hits, while allowing 3 runs, and striking out 5. Book it!
  4. ...The job hunt is turning around, I have several nibbles ...My super blog is going well I am going to update it soon ...The Phillies need another starting pitcher. Adam Eaton scares me.
  5. Day late, but whatever ...Finding a job in journalism is nearly impossible ...hey mom look, I'm the 1000th post in this thread ...I am a fan of MVP 2005 and hated every baseball game that came out before or after it
  6. ...finding a job in journalism is hard to do ...for those in college or those about to go, live it up and drink it down. Have no regrets ...baseball is so close I can taste it. Let's hope the Phillies do some work. ...Pat Burrell will hit .280, 32, 110
  7. xcrunner4623


    an old time look could look cool to it
  8. xcrunner4623


    Nice try, but I want some effects on it and stuff...this is a wallpaper thread
  9. xcrunner4623


    True...but a Muhammad Ali wallpaper would make my day
  10. xcrunner4623


    A Muhammad Ali wallpaper would be amazing. I know it is not baseball, but he is the greatest!
  11. My only REAL gripe about these updated rosters is that basically every player and their mother has a bat next to their name. Is there any explanation for this?
  12. That's why I wish you could mod batting stances.
  13. Alright man...that sounds good...Renteria might not be a bad idea, but I dunno. I just hate not being able to lock down batting stances.
  14. I gave Church the Larry Walker stance...he is relatively open with his bat higher.
  15. I think Ryan Church should have a batting stance more similar to Alfonso Soriano just from looking at his highlights
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