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New desk or entertainment center


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So I have come to the realization that I need both a new computer desk and a new entertainment center. Right now, thanks to the holidays (lol) I only have the money to get one or the other.

My old desk shot craps while I was moving and I am currently using a regular desk. While serviceable, an actual computer desk would be better. My TV stand holds the TV still with little worry, but is beat up and I feel on its last legs. The glass door that housed the DVD player broke, and the shelf doors continually fall off.

Now come February, after I do my taxes (which I do the very night I get my W-2's, so I usually have my refund by the end of February) I'll be able to get whichever I don't buy now.

So with all that in mind, which should I get?

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Depends. Which is in the most frequently used room in the house?

If your current computer desk is "serviceable" - and it doesn't really make you uncomfortable to use, then I'd get a new entertainment center first. I say this because, when you have people over, or a party/get-together, that kind of thing, they're looking at your TV and entertainment center, not your computer.

So, as long as you're okay with the desk for now - I'd get the entertainment center first - since MORE people get use out of it. But if the current desk REALLY sucks, and you spend as much time at it as I do... then maybe the desk.

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