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  1. Kane-inite here (referencing a Kane promo from years ago). Lemme find it, it's worth watching. EDIT: Here it is
  2. Did anyone else think Melina was seriously hurt after the Jillian 450 knee to the back of the skull? She stayed down for quite a while, and the look on Jillians face made me think she thought she hurt her bad, but she got up after a few minutes.
  3. I think that is Kaiper, but I understand your pain. I know if I hear "This one's got a chance" or "That ball is going, going..." the BEST I can hope for is a hit off the wall. That happens maybe 1 outta 10 times. 7 outta 10, I get a home run robbed, or it is caught at the wall. The other 2 times outta 10 is an actual home run. I guess I shouldn't complian thogh, as Edmonds lead the league at the ASB with 26 homers and AP is right behind him with 25. Edmonds is only hitting .250 though (AP, .320).
  4. I would laugh my **** (can we say ****?) off if he said that in the game.
  5. What would spanish be for "Sometimes you try to make the hitter chase YOUR pitch. That's what you saw right there."
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