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Back to Brooklyn....a Dodger Dynasty


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I may be a huge Met fan, but I figured it was time to play with a different team until the season rosters are set. Basically what I am doing is using KG's new rosters, simming the '07 season, and moving the Dodgers back to Brooklyn in '08, refacing most of the team. In the simmed '07 season, the Yankees defeated the Mets in 7 games in the World Series. The award winners for the simmed '07 season were as follows:

AL MVP - David Ortiz

AL Cy Young - Johan Santana

NL MVP - Carlos Beltran

NL Cy Young - Ben Sheets

The Dodgers were 80-82, good for second place.

I have already started the dynasty, so the first few games will be recaps only, until I got the box scores and screen caps going.

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Dodgers head back to Brooklyn

New management has come in and decided to turn baseball upside down by moving the Dodgers back to Brooklyn. Despite protests by New York's other teams, the league approved the move. The Dogers are scrambling for a stadium, but will play their home games in the newly renovated Keyspan Park on Coney Island. The stadium has been retrofitted to hold 38,000. A new park is being discussed in the same location.

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Schmidt upset at move, asks for trade

Jason Schmidt claims his contract should be voided because he wanted to play on the west coast. Schmidt has demanded a trade, and it seems like Brooklyn will grant him his wish. The Dodgers have had talks with the Mariners, Giants, and an undisclosed third team. Management has stated they will try their best to keep Schmidt on the West Coast, but make no promises.

Dodgers make first big move

In their first big move of the offseason, the Dodgers have dealt cf Juan Pierre to the White Sox for cf Brian Anderson. This was a cost cutting move for the Dodgers, who have freed themselves of Pierre's large contract. Pierre was solid in '07, stealing 45 bases in 60 attempts while batting .302, but he sported just a .325 on base percentage. Anderson is a top defender in center, but hit just .260 in his second try in the big leagues. The Dodgers hope the change of scenery will help Anderson reach his full potential.

Dodgers clear more salary

Cost cutting has been the name of the game early in the offseason. This time, the Dodgers dealt All Star pitcher Derek Lowe, p Mark Hendrickson, and of Matt Kemp to their former rivals the LA Angels in exchange for ss Brandon Wood and p Nick Adenhart.

Wood hit .310 in AAA and seems ready for the majors, while Adenhart posted a 13-8 record in AA to go along with a 2.98 ERA.

Kemp had a breakout year in '07, batting .288 with 22 HR and 88 RBI, but the Dodgers felt Wood served a bigger need. Lowe was solid in '07, posting a 3.68 ERA, while Hendrickson rebounded nicely in '07 with 10 wins. But to get two top prospects like Adenhart and Wood, the Dodgers couldn't pass it up.

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Still no takers for Schmidt

There are plenty of teams interested in brining in Jason Schmidt and his 18 wins and sub 3 ERA. But none will meet the asking price of two quality major league ready young pitchers and a power hitting bat. So the Dodgers may have to rethink their strategy. Rumor has it that the Dodgers and Mariners have discussed a deal that would send Schmidt to Seattle, but the Dodgers asking price of Jeff Clement and Felix Hernandez was way too much for Seattle.

Another day, another salary dump

The Dodgers continued to move salary, this time sending All Star shortstop Rafael Furcal and LHP Randy Wolf to the Toronto Blue Jays for of Alex Rios and RP Brandon League. Wolf had a renaissance in '07, winning in double digits and starting 30 games. But the Dodgers decided to move their 3rd starter from '07 (also having dealt Lowe and Hendrickson) and are still looking to deal Jason Schmidt. One exec who asked to remain anonymous stated, "They've dealt so many starters that Brad Penny is going to be very lonely. I know Billingsley is ready to come back from injury and step into the top half of the rotation, but who after those two can start in the bigs?"

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Yes Geolink, I am just trying to get the details out of the way right now. I am going to work on a good format with pictures and details. I start game three tomorrow, and that is when I will start capturing all the pictures. So for now, I am just updating on the offseason moves, and then the first two games, then from there on out it should be in a better format.

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Schmidt submits list of teams

Feeling burned by the Dodgers, Jason Schmidt has submitted a list of teams that he is willing to accept a trade to. Schmidt has limited the list mostly to the West Coast, although he has expanded the list to include the Yankees and Red Sox. An executive close to the situation stated, "I guess Schmidt feels cheated. Cheated enough that he would go to the East Coast, but he won't do it with Brooklyn."

Blockbuster signing

The Brooklyn Dodgers beat the Chicago Cubs in their first meeting since moving back to New York...but it wasn't on the field. The Dodgers agreed to a six year blockbuster deal with p Carlos Zambrano. Zambrano is coming off of a 14 win season with an ERA of 3.55, but is considered one of the best pitchers in the game. The Cubs battled every step of the way, but the Dodgers finally pulled Zambrano in with 18 million per year.

Staff rebuilt in a flash

The Dodgers added a second "Ace" to their staff, signing All-Star game starter Chris Capuano to a five year deal. Capuano was 15-10 in '07, and should benefit from leaving Milwaukee

Crawford comes over

The Tampa Bay Devil Rays finally made good on rumors of dealing Carl Crawford. The Dodgers gained two pitchers but lose one more, sending Brad Penny, Delwyn Young, and cash to the D-Rays. (what i did was lower Penny's salary using the editor and rasied Crawford's to get the trade to work). "Having Delwyn and Delmon Young on the same team will probably confuse the heck out of the D-Rays, but they needed Penny to help Kazmir, who was naked in that rotation." The Dodgers have stated they are still searching for a corner outfield power bat, and are toying with the idea of using Crawford in center.

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Monster Blockbuster Deal!!!

Jason Schmidt's wish has been granted. As has Manny Ramirez's. In a stunning turn of events, the Dodgers dealt all star pitcher Jason Schmidt, superstar Nomar Garciaparra, and closer Takashi Saito to the Boston Red Sox in exchange for left fielder Manny Ramirez and p Jon Lester.

Nomar will play first base for the Sox in his return. He hit .288 with 25HR and 95 RBI in '07 and is in the final year of his contract. Saito saved 35 games with an ERA of 2.88. They will fill big holes for the Red Sox at first and in the bullpen, where Kevin Youkilis and Craig Hansen struggled in '07. Schmidt joins Curt Schilling, Jon Papelbon, Daisuke Matsusaka and Josh Beckett to form one of the most powerful rotations in the game.

The Dodgers bring the huge middle of the order presence they needed in Manny Ramirez as well as a starter who projects to be a top of the rotation guy sooner rather than later. Lester enjoyed a feel good season in '07, posting 9 wins and a 4.01 ERA in his return from a battle with cancer. Ramirez had another typical huge season in '07, bashing 42 HR and driving in 135 runs, but also driving the Sox crazy. I did have to turn fair trades off for this one

Dodgers resign Kent

The Dodgers reupped Jeff Kent for two more years.

Dodgers give extensions to Loney, LaRoche, Billingsley, Ethier, Martin, Broxton, Brazoban, Beimel, Marlon Anderson, and Wilson Betemit

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Dodgers announce rotation

The Dodgers have announced that their starting five for the '08 season will be Carlos Zambrano, Chris Capuano, Chad Billinsgley, Jon Lester, and there will be a battle for the fifth spot between youngsters Nick Adenhart and lhp Scott Elbert. "Let's see which of those two guys look more ready coming out of Spring Training. It'll be a matter of which one progresses better."

Dodgers announce lineup

The Dodgers have announced that most of their lineup is set even though we are still two months away from Spring Training. James Loney will play first, with Kent at second, Wood at short, and rookie Andy LaRoche battling Wilson Betemit for the starting nod at third. Manny Ramirez, Carl Crawford, and Alex Rios will man the outfield. The Dodger bench will include Olmedo Saenz, Marlon Anderson, Andre Ethier, Wilson Betemit, and Brian Anderson will man the bench. Management was quoted as saying, "All we really need now is to get our closer and a middle innings guy, and find a quality backup to Russell Martin." Rumor has it the Dodgers are interested in a few free agent closers, including Joe Nathan, Eric Gagne, and Mariano Rivera. "Rivera seems out of the Dodgers price range, so they will probably extend offers to Nathan and Gagne and see if they can get one of them to bite at a cheaper rate."

Dodgers sign c Miguel Olivo and rp Scott Linebrink

The Dodgers added a quality backup and a middle reliever, leaving closer as their only position of need. "They may try Linebrink there if they can't get Gagne back. Or they could move Broxton to closer as well."

Nathan is chosen over Gagne

The Dodgers pulled back their offer to bring back Eric Gange, instead going with Twins closer Joe Natan on a four year deal. Nathan struggled a bit in '07. Though he recorded 38 saves, he did it with an ERA of 3.85. But he is still young, very talented, and should benefit from the move to the NL.

Dodgers will stay in NL West...for now

With no time to realign for the '08 season, the Dodgers will remain in the NL West division of the National League. "I'm glad we don't have too many veterans on this team, we'll need the young guys to keep us alive and alert with all of these west coast road trips we are going to have."

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I know DJeagles...I had to throw together that little comment in an earlier post that said Schmidt would accept a trade to Boston, because that was the only team that would accept his salary when I tried to deal him. And I had to take back Manny's salary to do it.

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