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Not a request but a question.........


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I was wondering if there was anymore big season mods coming in either TC or regular,like 94,61, anything like that???

Just curious,


A 1978 season mod is currently being worked on. I'm hoping to get it released in the late Winter / early Spring timeframe.

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TC67 (1967) is currently available in the Total Conversion Mods download section of this site and also on www.total-classics.com .

Like Jim's 1978 Season mentioned above a 1964 Total Classics mod is also being worked on and should be available shortly following Jim's 1978 Season release.

There is also a team of others working on the 1987 Season and they had provided a pre-final release awhile back.

On the Talking Block is a strong desire for a Full Season '50s Mod (likely either '52 or '54) but as of yet the Team to work on that isn't fully assembled. I feel it will eventually come about.

Following the TC64 '60s Mod mentioned above will be a 1969 Total Classics Full Season Mod release probably toward the July-August timeframe.

Hopefully when this is all said and done we will have a couple-few Full Season Mods from each decade at least going back to perhaps the '50s or so.

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What happened in 78?

PoletheBear, talk about lurking!

Hmmmm.... Let's see...

- Yankees 14-1/2 games behind the Red Sox in July

- They come back to force a 1 game playoff in October

- Bucky Dent

Does any of that ring a bell? :idea:

I was a senior in high school that Fall, so that year also had a had another special significance to me.

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