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If anyone's in the market for a new monitor...


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Check out the Hanns.G HW191D. It's a 19" TFT with a maximum resolution of 1440x900, and despite being somewhat a budget monitor from a largely unknown company (at least in the UK), it's received rave reviews in everything I've read, both from consumers and professional reviewers (I first spotted it months ago in a magazine, you can read their review here) and actually got it today.

Coming from someone who's been using a 15" CRT at 800x600 (aside from a trip to 1024x768 since a couple of months ago) since 2001, the trip to 19" is huge. I spent today trying to get the settings corrected thanks to my previous monitor needing extensive software changes to compensate for the quality, but I've got the configuration sorted now and it's a beauty. I'm running at 1360x768 now, and everything is so much crisper, clearer and just better overall. MVP looks simply amazing, and I'm still running that at the in-game resolution of 800x600. Video looks smoother, crisper, and doesn't look as if it's been molested in order to fit onto the monitor. The players just look more detailed, the stadiums look more realistic...quite frankly, it's sweet

Anyway, it's relatively cheap, so if you're looking for a new budget monitor, check it out. It's not got the same extras as the ones 2 or 3 times the price will have, but it's definitely a solid monitor if you're on a budget.

2 pictures I took earlier;



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