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Question about the pitcher mvp 2005


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Hey guys

Since i was update the roster mvp2005 to mvp06 Mod(Final) The pitcher have a difficulty to reach the target (in mvp level) .

I do install the mvp06 mod without install the patch number 3 or 5 everything

work find except homerun showdown and mini game.

When I play my Mvp game is lagging alot ...I do have video card Nvidia 6600gt i do update my driver the up-to-date ,amd64 3000+ memory 1024 and

hard drive 80g .

a suggestion helpfull would be appreciate . thank for u advise...

I would to thanks all of your guys make a fantastic work especially (Kccitystar) and all the member who collaborate to this job :lol::lol::lol:

By the way I' m the new member

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