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Dawn Of Victory


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This is my first dinasty on this site, after i fighted for like 30 hours (it's true) and could finally get the game going, i'll be posting the dinasty of my favorite MLB team.. the babybacks!

Dinasty Mode:

-> Rule for DH: Both Leagues

-> Datafile: Customized

-> Rosters: MVP 2007 Mod - KG Rosters

-> Schedule: 2006 i think

The draft has not been made, i'm doing it in about an hour and i'll be posting the results with the new pitching rotation and the roster against RHP and LHP

I'll be posting uptates of the scores, stats in the team (weekly), leaders for the league (weekly), standings for the whole league (weekly) and pictures and box scores for every match up, wish me luck!

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Official Team

Starting Pitchers:

- Daisuke Matsuzaka

- Tim Hudson

- Matt Prior

- Gustavo Chacin

- Victor Zambrano

Relief Pitchers:

- Brandon League

- Scott Williamson

- Scott Eyre

- Joe Borowski

- Brad Lidge

- Jason Isringhausen


- Mike Lieberthal

- Yorbit Torrealba


- Albert Pujols

- Jeff Kent

- Miguel Tejada

- Chone Figgins

- Phil Nevin

- Marco Scutaro

- Erubiel Durazo


- Chris Duncan

- Chris Burke

- So Taguchi

- Ricky Ledee

- Nick Swisher

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[align=center]"The Babybacks take their first game"

Arizona 6 (1-0) - Colorado 4 (0-1)

W: Scott Williamson (1-0 / 0.00)

L: Been Sheets (0-1 / 6.14)

S: Jason Isringhausen (1 - 0.00)[/align]


[align=justify](Colorado).-After a pretty good debut in the MLB by the japanese Daisuke Matzuzaka, and a simple perfect show by the relief pitchers Scott Williansom, Brad Lidge and the closer Jason Isringhausen, the Diamondbacks took their first win of the season by defeating the Colorado Rockies 6-4.[/align]



Ricky Ledee

4-3 (.750). 2B (1). 2 RBI (2)



Ricky Ledee hits his first double of the season


Albert Pujols scores the go ahead run in the 8th Inning.

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Arizona Diamondbacks (1-0) @ Colorado Rockies (0-1)[/align]

Probable Starters and Line Ups

- ARI: Tim Hudson (0-0, 0.00)

- COL: Carlos Zambrano (0-0, 0.00)


1. Chone Figgins (3B)

2. Chris Duncan (LF)

3. Miguel Tejada (SS)

4. Albert Pujols (1B)

5. Jeff Kent (2B)

6. Ricky Ledee (DH)

7. Chris Burke (CF)

8. Mike Lieberthal ©

9. So Taguchi (RF)


1. Rafael Furcal (SS)

2. Ryan Freel (CF)

3. Jason Giambi (DH)

4. Adam Dunn (LF)

5. Xavier Nady (RF)

6. Hank Blalock (3B)

7. David Ross ©

8. Mark Ellis (2B)

9. Mark Sweeney (1B)

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Arizona 6 (1-1) - Colorado 7 (1-1)

[align=center]"Inspiration is not enough"

W: Justin Duchscherer (1-0 / 6.00)

L: Brandon League (0-1 / 54.00)[/align]


[align=justify](Colorado).-The two run homer by Albert Pujols in the top of the 12th inning was not enough for the D'Backs to get their second victory in the starting season, closing the named inning and winning 6-4, the rockies came back with a double from Mark Sweeney, a triple by Rafael Furcal and Finally a huge home run by Jason Giambi. Brandon League was the losing pitcher.[/align]



Mark Sweeney

5-3 (.444). 2B (1). HR (1). 3 R (3). RBI (1)



Pujols after his 2 run homer that was giving the D'Backs their second game, BUT..........


Giambi could not let that happen.

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Arizona 7 (1-2) - Colorado 10 (2-1)

[align=center]"Relief Missing"

W: Luis Vizcaino (1-0 / 9.00)

L: Scott Eyre (0-1 / 9.00)

S: Justin Duchscherer (1 / 4.50)[/align]


[align=justify](Colorado).-With a destroying offensive composed by 21 hits, the Colorado Rockies won their first 3-game series against the Diamondbacks.

The D-Backs started off with 3 runs in the very first inning, and after 2 solid innings shown by the starter Mark Prior, just looked like the babybacks had this game in the bag. But in the bottom 3th Prior just lose his papers and with 6 hits the Rockies came back and made 4 carrers.

Later in an exchange of carrers by both sides, the Rockies finally decided the game in the 7th inning with a Rally of 4 carreers against the relief pitchers: Joe Borowski, Scott Williamson and Scott Eyre.

The Diamondbacks are now starting another 3 game series against the Milwauke Brewers with the spectations of the venezuelans Gustavo Chacin and Victor Zambrano and the Japanese Daisuke Matsuzaka in the mound.[/align]



Adam Dunn

5-4 (.714). HR (1). RBI 3 (5)



Mark Prior in the mound just before the 4 carreer inning...


So Taguchi hits his second home run of the season


Adam Dunn hits his first home run of the season and drives in 3 carreers for the Rockies.

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Arizona 7 (2-2) - Milwauke 1 (1-3)


W: Gustavo Chacín (1-0 / 1.50)

L: Hong-Chih Kuo (0-1 / 6.43)[/align]


[align=justify](Milwauke).-The Dimandbacks, leaded by a dominating Gustavo Chacín and an impressive Miguel Tejad won their second game of the season defeating the Milwauke Brewers 7-1 in the first of a 3-game-series.

Chacín was close to perfection throwing six succesfull innings allowing one simple carreer leading the way to the reliefe pitchers: Scott Eyre, Brad Lidge and the closer Jason Isringhausen, also making an excellent apperance in the mound.

Offensive is other topic, but when you have a hot Miguel Tejada just before the always dangerous Albert Pujols and Phil Nevin is quite hard to lose games. Nick Swisher and Chris Burke were also heroes, Swisher on his side batting 4-2 with 1 run, 1 RBI and a double, and Burke batting 4-3 with one run scored.

The D'backs are now looking for their second win in a row, against the Brewers one more time but with Victor Zambrano leading the mound.[/align]

Most Valuable Player(s)


Gustavo Chacín

6.0 IP - 7H - 1R - 1.50 ERA


Miguel Tejada

5-4 - 2R - RBI (2) - 2B (1) - .333 AVG




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Arizona 6 (2-3) - Milwauke 7 (2-3)

[align=center]"Relief fails again"

W: Mike Stanton (1-0 / 5.05)

L: Brad Lidgue (0-1) / 2.45)

S: Erig Gagne (1 / 0.00)[/align]


[align=justify](Milwauke).-"Let's face it, Zambrano's appereance was acceptable, not good, but acceptable, we had the game and well, relief could not complete the job" that's what the manager said after the loss the D'backs suffered against the Milwauke Brewers.

Offensive was at it's best moment, with Pujols batting 4-2 with one Home Run, 4 RBI's. Victor Zambrano made a pretty good appereance although in the first inning he got choked by a 3-run-rally in the first inning, until there he managed to retire the Brewers in order until the 5th inning. Then in the eigth inning, a triple by Andy La Roche against Brad Lidge sentenced the game for the D'Backs, with Eric Gagne being on the mound in the ninth inning it was almost impossible to come back.

The third and last game of the series will be played later in the night with Daisuke Matzusaka on the mound.[/align]

Most Valuable Player(s)


Albert Pujols

4-2 (.435) | HR (2) | RBI 4 (8)



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Arizona 5 (3-3) - Milwauke 1 (2-4)

[align=center]"Masterzaka" strikes his first complete game

W: Daisuke Matsuzaka (1-0 / 3.07)

L: Kenny Rogers (0-2) / 4.97)[/align]


[align=justify](Milwauke).-The japanese Daisuke Matsuzaka is up-to-date with the expectations that the league had for him, in his second appereance he was capable of throwing a complete game allowing only 7 hits and one run and along with the hot bat of Albert Pujols the Arizona Diamondbacks won their third game and won their first series of the season.

Albert Pujols in the first inning shot his third home run of the season with Chone Figgins in third base and Miguel Tejada in first base, driving in 3 runs for the D'Backs. After that, Luis Castillo from the Brewers started off the bottom of the first with a solo Home Run, thinking that this would be another close game with lots of carreers from both side.

But just after that, Daisuke "Masterzaka" already nicknamed by the fans, only gave six more hits for the Brewers and the rest is history. The veteran Kenny Rogers was the losing pitcher after he allowed the five runs made by the D'Backs.

The Diamondbacks are heading now to the Bank One Ballpark to debut in their stadium in this season, against the Colorado Rockies in a 3-game series with the expectations of Tim Hudson, Mark Prior and Gustavo Chacin leading the mound.[/align]

Most Valuable Player(s)


Albert Pujols

5-3 (.464) | HR (3) | RBI 4 (12)




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Arizona 5 (4-3) - Colorado 2 (3-4)

[align=center]Jeff Kent was our hero

W: Tim Hudson (1-0 / 3.46)

L: Carlos Zambrano (0-1) / 5.17)[/align]


[align=justify](Colorado).-Another great appereance by the SP Tim Hudson, but in this time he accomplished his first win in the current season letting himself pitch six straight innings with two runs allowed, the relief pitching once again, was at it's top condition with Scott Eyre, Brad Lidge and Jason Isringhausen concluding the game.

Jeff Kent was expecting to rest this night, but without a doubt he was the MVP for this game, batting 4-3, two doubles and driving in 3 out of the 5 runs made by the D'backs offensive. Albert Pujols, was huge with the bat again with 4-2, 1 RBI (13 in total) and a double.

Nothing special about the Rockies players, only David Ross who scored the two runs for his team and threw a long Home Run in the fourth inning.

The D´Backs are facing the Rockies once again in the Bank One Ballpark, with Mark Prior leading the mound against Chien-Ming Wang.[/align]

Most Valuable Player(s)


Jeff Kent

4-3 (.258) | 2B 2 (5) | RBI 3 (7) |




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