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SABR Fantasy League


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I know a lot of people want people to join their fantasy league, but what I have done is created a league which predominantly focuses on sabermetric statistics. This is hard to do with the fact that they don't give you many choices of what stats to use but what I did was use:


Runs-There is no runs created stat, so I had to go with this.

Walks-It's okay for walks to be counted twice, since it doesn't go into total bases.

Total Bases-A more accurate measure of power then HR's.

OBP-Better than the conventional BA. Just ask Adam Dunn or Carlos Beltran.

Slugging%-Remaining stat in SABR, for a 5x5 matrix.


HR-One of the few stats a pitcher is solely responsible for.

WHIP-A good Rotiserie stat that works.

K/BB-A good stat for a reliever and a starter.

K/9-A ratio as opposed to standard K's.

ERA-Not really a SABR stat, but its a standard in rotiserie leagues, completes the 5x5 matrix.

Email me at the email provided below if you would like to sign up or have any inquries.

ieatgarbageoutofthetrashcan@gmail.com (No it's not a fake)

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