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Honus Wagner Card sold


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Dont know what that means, but I do know that A cigarette company made baseball cards to endorse their product, and his was one of them. And he didn't want kids to think he supported cigarettes, so he ordered them to be destroyed. There were 4 Mint condition cards, but one was lost in a fire, so now its down to three, or maybe it was three, and now down to two. IDK.

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IIRC, it's seven left.

Story goes that they sold the cards with cigarette packs, but Honus Wagner was anti-smoking so he got the company to stop making his card. Only a few were made and they became super super rare.

search for T206 on google and go to that museum. Search around on it, its pretty interesting.
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Finally thanks Caribou. I am a very avid collector and 2 summers ago

some buddies and I went to the national sports convention in Chicago,

this is where anybody who's anybody in the card world goes. We went

to look around and a auction house actually had 12 or 13 of the

Wagner cards on display. This was truly amazing to see. The company

name was Mastronet. As far as the set goes it is actually very

extensive, I own one of the cards from that set. It is not nearly

as valuable as the wagner, but it's still a very nice card. It is the

T206 Red Portrait Ty Cobb. It's valued at or around $8,000.00.

That's eight thousand. Depending on condition. Go to Mastronet or

Ebay. On ebay just type in T206 and you will see a wide range of

the different cards from that set. Hope this helps...

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