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Does Anybody Have a Zune?

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1) Looks nice. Feels nice.

2) I like it because I can carry around my skate videos and pictures.

3) Cool that you can select a background based on your pictures

4) Annoying that you must convert all videos to WMV (and a specific size, at that) if you want it on the Zune

5) The software you use on the PC to edit your Zune is subpar, IMO. You cannot select multiple songs and edit their info, for example, to have the same album name. Sometimes the album art is not there, even though you know you just put it on; other times, the album art doesn't look like it's been updated, but when you play the song on the Zune it WILL show the updated art. Very confusing.

6) Most annoying part about the software is that you cannot edit file info once it is on the Zune. I find this pointless, irritating, and retarded. You can't even change album art while it's on the Zune.

7) It gives in to DRM. So if you see a song that is "license protected," you cannot put it on the Zune.

8) You can search for songs based on title, artist, album, genre, and playlist, obviously, but you cannot search based on year. Why?

9) I don't like that there's no "Stop" button.

10) It has a wireless network and sharing feature. For now it's not useful unless you know someone that also has a Zune. It may be more useful in the future, as the Zune is rumored to possibly pioneer an internet-browser capability.

11) It only charges if it's plugged into a PC or XB360, and only a PC or XB360 that's powered on. So unless you want to spring an extra $30 for an AC adapter, you're gonna have to make sure to charge when you're on the computer.

12) Oh yeah, it has an FM tuner which is pretty sweet. This will help you get a break from listening to the same songs over and over again, since you can tune into the radio. This doesn't work if you're using wireless headphones, though.

I don't know. That's all I can think of for now.

Oh yeah, nice sig.

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Here, let me get a little more specific for you.

The videos must be 320 x 240 WMV. If the file is a WMV but not that size, you'll have to wait extra time while Zune converts it to the right size, but it's only a few seconds.

I have a 3:54 long clip that is 29 MB. That should average out to about 134 minutes per GB. And you got 30 GB to work with. For me that's plenty. If you're like Fred, however, maybe not so much.

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It's not a handheld PC. Nothing close, just plays music, videos, pictures, and radio.

I brought up its wireless networking capabilities before because of its potential. For now it's just Zune to Zune, but it can possibly be expanded to be used as an internet browser. I guess then it would use Internet Explorer.

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