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Fielding Gloves V1.0 Uploaded - V2.0 starting soon


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Thanks! If anyone could tell me how to extract cglv.fsh from the initstay.big file then I may be able to make some catchers gloves aswell. I will probably make four more fileding gloves and release them as a set.

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My baseball knowledge is limited, if you're on about Dontrelle Wilis (who plays for the Marlins in real life), doesn't he use a black glove? Show me a pic and I'll give him a "Special Edition" glove. Im trying to make the Wilson Glove you posted. About the First baseman mitt, wouldn't the structure of the glove need to be changed? Im sure its been discussed before. Ive darked the red glove. If you post a pics of gloves I will try my best because I'm not all that good with Photoshop.

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Here is the Wilson glove WIP you requested http://tinypic.com/37gk3

Things to do on it:

Make 'orange strip' smaller

Add MLB logo next to Wilson text

Add the txt 'MLB' to the MLB logo (inside glove)

Edit the colour a bit - both the black and orange

Edit the shape in where the finger comes through (make it triangular)

Guest - You see where it says Wilson in yellow? Is that where I should put the D-Train text in script writing (on the black rawlings glove)

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Both the initstaz.big and initstay.big files have 'invalid headers' according to bigGUI. Could any one please send me the cglv.fsh file to marcus_mcghie@yahoo.co.uk please?

all u need to do Marcus is go to the folder where you have initstay.big

make sure you have gfxpak in there

then type gfxpak -u initstay.big

it will unpack your big for you. the fsh files will go to a folder models/textures

if u have a problem, i zipped the two glove files and emailed em to ya anyways.


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