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Cris' Cyberface Updates WIP: Mariners


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Ahh, thx but I just uploaded them, I'll try to fix them later.

Btw, I made a install.bat that uses gfxpak instead of the "bigGUI" method. I 'm able to compress the file with GFXPAK, so .... I dunno why no one uses it. Maybe there's a flaw, hope someone can point it out.



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I've asked this before, but I'll ask again:

Is ther ANY possible way to create a new face? I know I can use some of the empty faces , but is it possible to CREATE new ones that goes over 500?


Think this is ready for upload?


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cris, do u work with o edit? cuz jose molina needs a face update, and he has hair coming outthe sides of his hat like pedro, so if u know how to use o edit maybe u can do that


Does he reallY??? I found a few pictures of him

Pic 1

Pic 2

They both show he has short hair....

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