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World Cup Roster Set Completed and Uploaded


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Finally done and uploaded.

Included in this roster set are 8 World Cup teams from around the globe (scroll down for rosters).

The 8 teams take the place of 8 PCL AAA Teams. For the US and Dominican Republic teams, additional

players were added to that orginazation's AA affiliate (West Tenn/Tennessee). So if you would like to

"callup/send down" some players, feel free. If there is a big response to this roster set, I will

add a couple more countries (Australia, Korea, Hong Kong, Panama).

The Original Rosters are GeForce/JPup's Updated Total Minors 2.5 rosters. Huge credit to them on

the the rosters. This way you are able to play with current teams against each other or

against World Cup teams as well.

Here are the Rosters:


*Additional players on West Tenn Diamondjaxx*


Mike Piazza

Jason Varitek


Jim Thome

Jason Giambi

Todd Helton


Mark Loretta


Alex Rodriguez

Scott Rolen


Derek Jeter


Barry Bonds

Gary Sheffield

Lance Berkman

Garrett Anderson

Jim Edmonds


Randy Johnson

Roger Clemens

Curt Schilling

Tim Hudson

Mark Mulder

Mark Prior

Roy Halladay

Jason Schmidt

Kerry Wood

Trevor Hoffman

Billy Wagner


*Additional players on Tennessee Smokies*


Miguel Olivo


Albert Pujols

David Ortiz


Alfonso Soriano

Luis Castillo


Aramis Ramirez

Adrian Beltre


Miguel Tejada

Rafael Furcal


Vlad Guerrero

Manny Ramiriez

Sammy Sosa

Jose Guillen

Willy Mo Pena


Pedro Martinez

Bartolo Colon

Odalis Perez

Miguel Batista

Ramon Ortiz

Felix Rodriguez

Jose Mesa

Guillermo Mota

Damaso Marte

Octavio Dotel

Armando Benitez



Ivan Rodriguez

Jorge Posada

Javy Lopez

Benji Molina


Carlos Delgado


Jose Vidro

Roberto Alomar


Mike Lowell


Alex Cora


Carlos Beltran

Bernie Williams

Juan Gonzalez

Jose Cruz Jr.

Alexis Rios

Ruben Sierra


Javier Vazquez

Joel Piniero

Dicky Gonzalez

Fernando Cabrera

Ricky Bones

Jose Santiago

Javier Lopez

Kiko Calero

JC Romero

Roberto Hernandez



Victor Martinez

Ramon Hernandez


Andres Galaraga


Melvin Mora

Edgardo Alfonzo


Cesar Izturis

Omar Vizquel

Carlos Guillen


Bobby Abreu

Richard Hidalgo

Magglio Ordonez

Miguel Cabrera

Juan Rivera


Johan Santana

Carlos Zambrano

Freddy Garcia

Tony Armas

Victor Zambrano

Kelvim Escobar

Wilson Alvarez

Felix Hernandez

Juan Rincon

Jorge Julio

Francisco Rodriguez

Ugueth Urbina



Eli Marrero

Ariel Pestano


Rafael Palmeiro

Juan Diaz


Rey Sanchez

Eduardo Paret


Omar Linares


Rey Ordonez

Eduardo Paret


Alex Sanchez

Kendry Morales

Jorge Toca

Bill Ortega

Michel Abreu


Jose Contreras

Livan Hernandez

Orlando Hernandez

Alay Soler

Michael Tejera

Maels Rodriguez

Rolando Arrojo

Adrian Hernandez

Norge Vera

Vladamir Nunez

Dannys Baez



Kenji Johjima

Atsuya Furuta

Shinnosuke Abe


Nobuhiko Matsunaka


Kazuyoshi Tatsunami

Tadahito Iguchi


Norihiro Nakamura

Michihiro Ogasawara


Kazuo Matsui



Hideki Matsui

Yoshinobu Takahashi

Kosuke Fukudome

Tomoaki Kanemoto


Kaz Ishii

Daisuke Matsuzaka

Hideo Nomo

Hisashi Iwakuma

Tomo Ohka

Shugo Fujii

Shingo Takatsu

Akinori Otsuka

Shigetoshi Hasegawa

Masahide Kobayashi

Kaz Sasaki



Humberto Cota

Miguel Ojeda

Geronimo Gil


Erubiel Durazo


Benji Gil

Jorge Cantu


Vinny Castilla

Juan Castro


Alfredo Amezaga


Karim Garcia

Mario Valdez

Luis Garcia

Edgar Quintero


Oliver Perez

Esteban Loaiza

Rodrigo Lopez

Ismael Valdez

Elmer Dessens

Dennys Reyes

Edgar Huerta

Edgar Gonzalez

Luis Ayala

O Villareal

Ricardo Rincon

Antonio Osuna



Cody McKay

Pete LaForest


Justin Morneau

Simon Pond

Todd Betts

Stubby Clapp


Corey Koskie


Danny Klassen

Kevin Nicholson


Larry Walker

Jason Bay

Matt Stairs

Aaron Guiel

Rob Ducey


Rich Harden

Erik Bedard

Ryan Dempster

Jeff Francis

Adam Loewen

Aaron Myette

Shawn Hill

Eric Cyr

Jesse Crain

Paul Quantrill

Eric Gagne

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A couple of things that I noticed when making this roster set were that:

The Dominican Republic really doesn't have any great lefthanded bats other than David Ortiz. Pujols, Soriano, Beltre, Ramirez, Sosa, Tejada, Vladdy, Jose Guillen are all righties. I really wonder why this is.

Puerto Rico has tons of great catchers. Posada, Pudge, Javy Lopez, all three Molina Bro's. Strange when the Dominican barely has any.

There are a lot of really good players in Japan that could very well be regulars in the US. I look forward to having more players come over. Mostly Ogasawara.

Same with Cuba, they have a lot of players who could make major league squads easily, but are effected by Castro.

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The original roster is JPup's TM 2.5 Update.

Emil, I originally planned on making as many countries as possible, but after about 12 teams, the talent levels drop off significantly.

There are no uni's for this roster set. Someone has already made a team usa jersey (check downloads section). If someone wants to make any for the other teams, by all means. I'd be glad to add them to the .zip file and give you full credit.

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I just realized that the Upload never went through, so I uploaded again and made sure it worked this time. Hopefully it will be up very soon.

Also, I'm going to give uni's a try. First I have to actually find what they all look like. If I can't find any pic's, I might just have to make some up.

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Backup your .dat files in your MVPBaseball 2004/data folder (copy and paste them somewhere else). Then extract the dat files from the "Dat Files" folder in the .zip file to your MVPBaseball 2004/data folder and overwrite the old ones.

Do the same thing with the logos.big file in the MVPBaseball 2004/data/frontend folder.

This way, whenever you want to change back to another default roster, you have the "backed up" files.

What would be cool is if we could have a "default roster file changer". That will automatically change them for you before you start MVP.

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Kenji Johjima 城島健司


Atsuya Furuta 古田敦也


Shinnosuke Abe 阿部慎之助



Nobuhiko Matsunaka 松中信彥



Kazuyoshi Tatsunami 立浪和義


Tadahito Iguchi 井口資人



Michihiro Ogasawara 小笠原道大



Kazuo Matsui 松井稼頭央



Yoshinobu Takahashi 高橋由伸


Kosuke Fukudome 福留孝介


Tomoaki Kanemoto 金本知憲



Daisuke Matsuzaka 松坂大輔


Hisashi Iwakuma 岩畏久志


Shugo Fujii 藤井秀悟


Masahide Kobayashi 小林雅英


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