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I can't seem to paste a new uni to the (Grizzles) Cincy 1990 Reds team

for the classics rosters.

I have tried a large variety of uniforms but none will stick!!!

I add the unis like I have the rest of the teams but after reselecting the

team and hitting display uniforms nothing but the original Grizzly uniforms

show up. This is the only team with a problem here.

P.S. - I have also been having a hard time with the graphics editor when it comes to selecting the fhs files for application. Can someone give me a tip on how to select these files? The last step in pix application is throwing me for a loop.


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Hey fuzzone,

Can't find the thread.

How old is it??

Thanks for the response.

You mean I am not alone on this?


P.S. - How is the latest Classics Rosters set (3.0) coming. I have decided to wait for yours instead of manually adding teams/photos/logos etc.

BTW any chance of reorganizing the teams in AAA and AA to more closely

match time periods?? Say AAA from 2000 - 1970 and AA from 1969 - 1900?? :D

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