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Angels Dynasty


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After the 2007 MLB season the league embarked on some serious issues. A lot of players were unhappy with their situation, fans were complaining about hight ticket prices, owners didn't want to pay the huge amounts of money any longer.

After long talks between the MLB, the owners and representatives from the players association there was only one conclusion. Start over again. All players would keep their contracts but would be put into one large talent pool and a draft would decide their faith.

The Angels at first weren't to excited about this idea because they had one of the better teams in baseball. But nothing could be changed and that was the way things would be. Management, coaches and scouts put in a lot of time to work out a strategy for the draft. The plan would be to find a balance between pitching and hitting. This in reality would mean that a pitcher would be taken in uneven rounds and a bat in even rounds.

The draft:

With their first round pick the Angels took their ace in Johan Santana. This would give them a guy of whom they would expect about 20 quality starts and some nice marketability. As expected the first round of the draft saw a lot of studs flying across the room, ending up in new places or in a familiar city. When the Halos 2nd round pick came up they were absolutely thrilled to see 1B Ryan Howard sitting there on the board. No time was wasted and Howard was put on a plane towards LA.

Staying true to their strategy the went after another pitcher in the 3rd round. The guy that intrigued them the most was righthander Pedro Martinez. Pedro would make a terrific number 2 addition to the rotation.

update comming soon

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