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My Laptop's Battery Won't Charge.


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Three months ago, my laptop stopped charging its battery when I plugged in the power cord. I had to wiggle the power cord until I find the certain angle in order to get the LED to light up and my computer charge.

After a while, all the twisting and turning off the cord probably got it wrecked. So I got a new cord and I was fine for 2 months.

But recently, my computer is at it again. I managed to live with it the past few weeks, having to adjust the computer's position or the cord's position to keep it running on AC power. But just now, it's stopped charging completely, no matter what angle I put it at, it just won't charge.

It's not the outlet as I've tried changing outlets. Could it be the new cord is broken? Or could something inside my computer be broken?

If the power jack is broken, how much would it cost to repair it manually? I have experience in soldering and I could probably do it myself.. Would it be best to just bring it to a repair shop, if the problem is internal?

EDIT: My dad seems to have managed to fix the problem, although I still have to keep it aligned in a certain angle to have my computer charging.

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If movement is affecting the problem and the AC cable has to be held in position to charge the battery and it's the same with another AC adapter which works on other systems, then you've got a motherboard fault. It's probably the solder between the power slot and the motherboard has worn - either because it's a dry joint, due to wear and tear or because it's been abused.

I usually get at least 1 call a week from some idiot who thinks that they can get a free motherboard after they've yanked, jerked and twisted their AC cable into the AC slot for a year and a half.

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