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What are your favorite Wii games?


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Hey, everybody. I just got a Nintendo Wii as a christmas gift to the family. I have a family/close circle of family friends that are largely 18+ with a couple of exceptions being my step-brother who is 12 and my gf's little brother who is 11... I was wondering which games for the Wii are good buys and which are a waste of money. I'd appreciate it if people would leave their opinions as I know very little-absolutely nothing about the Wii. I'm looking to purchase 3-4 games that preferably span different styles of play. Thanks in advance.

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Ok, I have a Wii... And lots of games...

IMO, Mario & the Olympic Games is not good...

Good Games:

Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Mario Kart Wii, Mario Super Sluggers (I might be bias because I like baseball), Mario Party 8 (IMO, but multiplayer is good), NBA Live 09 (terrible gfx, but fun with 4 players online), The Bigs (one of my favorite wii games, most people like 2k8 better, but this is REALLY fun. Also, with 4 players, its AMAZING. Worth a try, but it is from last season, and not many modes either), MLB Power Pros (might be bias because I like baseball again), Mario Strikers (I don't like soccer, but fun).

Ok, narrowed down to four choices, I would get:

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Mario Kart Wii

Mario Party 8

The Bigs

This is my opinion.

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I have had since day No. 1 and nothing beats Mario kart. Do everyone a favor and buy that game.

Yah, I agree with this... Mario Kart Wii might be my favorite Wii game.

Awesome controls.

Awesome online.

I have three stars in it, btw.

Hard unlockables.

So, yah, if you (TC) want a first Wii game, Mario Kart Wii is probably a good choice.

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