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USBL -- KC Crusaders


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I tried something like this earlier (link below), but wasn't overly happy with how it went ... namely because it was rushed. I took some time (Christmas Break) and am trying it again.


Teams -- I just made up team names, with many of the teams being ones that I used in the Front Page Series, then High Heat, etc.

Logos -- Google'd and goggle'd some more to find the ones I wanted. Finding, editing, and combining the logos took, by far, the most time. Luckily I had some idea what I was after.

Unis -- I chose to just mod the unis that came with MVP 08. I tried to use minor league jerseys as the base, to avoid too much replication of the pro teams. I don;t know who originaly made the jerseys (Spungo, Big Bully?), but I chose to do it this way because [1] they look a lot better (more detail), and [2] it takes less time than making them all from scratch. Al I did was erase the script/logo from the unis and import my own from the logos/script I found.

Draft -- Fantasy Draft, I (KC) drafted #20.

Schedule -- Balanced Schedule playing each team 5 or 6 times.

Update -- I'll use a similar update format as the guy doing the 05 Braves dynasty (xiberger?). It's clean and quick.

I'll post my roster and a schedule later. Now, to the teams/divisions ...

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