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Fenway Park Ads


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ok scratch everything i did... i'm starting over since i found alot of my bullpen "canvas" ads were repeating all over the upper bowl. so i started over. i don't know what i'm going to do for the citgo sign since that particular ad spot repeats 3 or 4 times in that area alone

higher quality right field ads then before:


the start of the jumbotron in center:


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new homeplate ads, also i have added numbers to the scoreboard, i haven't even attempted to do the out of town scores yet though, i added standings for the al east

(i hate that verizon ad near homeplate since it's not there in real life, but until some new tools come out it'll have to stay)

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is there any way to change where it says "fenway park" above the jumbotron to "john hancock" like it really does at fenway park? think it would just add to the realism.

as of right now, with the tools available that isn't possible yet. anyway that's way to advanced for me to do

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Dont mean to be demanding but is there any way you could PM me your Fenway file please

Or could you post it here I would appreciate it



I was thinking the same thing. A poorly modeled park with real ads is better than poorly modeled park with fake ads!

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