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Video Card?


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my computer can run this game but i need a better graphics/video card

but i dont want to spend a fortune on one...

anyone know a good card that wouldnt cost an arm and leg

i use nVidia....

my card sucks...it came with my computer

(NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE nForce 430) have to runeverything on low, but is very choppy

any help would be greatly appreciated :D


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that is my board ....i did a part search for my computer and it found my board for my specific model

Dell Inspiron 531 Motherboard DP/N RY206

i did do that scan thing from dell website also

power supply is AcBell

if anyone can help u can im me through AIM....cubs4ever207

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Both those should run it with no major problems.

I don't think your computer could handle a card too much better than that, but those prices are pretty solid for the card you're getting.

I'm no expert on this stuff, so make sure you talk to people who are more knowledgable before making a decision.

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More RAM never hurts. ;)

But keep in mind that if you go with a 4GB RAM, XP will utilize only around 3GB. I went ahead and bought a 4GB RAM when I built my computer mainly because I would eventually install Windows 7 when the full version comes out. As of this moment, my computer is utilizing only 3.25GB RAM.

If you currently have XP and won't be upgrading your OS when Windows 7 comes out or with Vista, I would suggest that you go with a 3GB RAM.

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