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  1. hey do you know how to edit portrails?

  2. If that's the case, I would look to spend the money elsewhere. The Show definitely is a wonderful game, but I wouldn't spend $200+ to just play one game.
  3. redsox

    Site Issues

    Thank you very much! I am able to attach the .7z files now.
  4. redsox

    Site Issues

    Trues, would it be possible to allow .7z files to be attached to any PMs that are sent?
  5. Bad idea since the site is then obligated to provide those paid members a roster update, uniform updates, cyberface updates, and the other mods that you have listed every year. People who work on these mods do so on their spare time (or so I assume) and it would just foolish to ask them to provide an update each year. And if they just don't feel like providing that update, it's only going to come back and bite Trues and this site in the ***.
  6. Gamestop has currently listed the price for the game at $4.99 though they are currently out of stock. You may get lucky at a local store. http://www.gamestop.com/Catalog/ProductDet...roduct_id=27378
  7. You can install the cyberface at any time to the models.big. If you need to update the face ID, just use tywiggins' MVPEditor to change it.
  8. From what I can tell, if you are adding uniforms to an empty slot, it will only generate numbers in the back of the jersey. There is no associated font file to display numbers on the front.
  9. That should be no problem then. Though it seems like the total number of uniform slots varies with each team. Homer spent sometime investigating this and from what I remember, some teams can't have more than 13-14 uniforms whereas certain teams are able to have up to 15 uniforms. In any case, you will need to install the uniform file, the font file, and the uniform portrait for the newly added uniform to work properly.
  10. You cannot add numbers to an uniform if it didn't have it to begin with it. You can however blank out the alphas to remove the text or the numbers.
  11. Anti-aliasing. Makes jagged edges smooth. It creates a more realistic 3D image on the screen.
  12. But isn't there a higher risk of injury playing through 162+ games rather than playing baseball for a month? Really not sure why people automatically assign a "risk of injury" to WBC and that players would be better of not playing in that tournament, when a player could be just as injured by working out over the off-season or anytime during the season. But one thing I will agree with is that a player is under contract with his team and he has an obligation to his team. I kinda understand why teams might be a little hesitant to send their players to the tournament. I guess any team would much rather have their players get injured playing for them rather for someone else, but it's not like they are playing a completely new sport. Besides, the exposure is always a good thing. ___________________________________________________________________ * Anyway, I finally sent in my order for a new computer and I am actually quite excited about building my very own. I should be getting all the parts in sometime next week. Will post a screen when I have assembled everything. Next Gen. here I come! * The next thing would be to sell my 360 Elite and get a PS3. I just can't resist not playing The Show anymore. Besides, all the games I have now are available for PS3 as well. * Has anyone played F.E.A.R. 2 yet? I played the prequel and it was one of the best games I had ever played. Scared the **** out of me at times, but an amazing game nonetheless. And now that I am going to have a better computer, these are the games that are on my wish list: Call of Duty 4, F.E.A.R. 2, NBA 2k9, Fallout 2, Age of Empires III, Crysis, World in Conflict, Warcraft III, Splinter Cell, Rainbow Six, and Prince of Persia.
  13. It started off as a small get-together, but it took a turn when the Bacardi and Captain Morgan bottles were taken out of the refrigerator. They should have known better than to dangle rum in front of me!
  14. Word to the wise - red wine, Bacardi, Captain Morgan, lemon juice, and coke DO NOT go together!
  15. You can't get a transparent background with a .bmp. You need to create a corresponding alpha image.
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